Coffee Association of Canada Celebrates National Coffee Day by the Numbers

National Coffee Day Canada – September 29, 2019 (CNW Group/The Coffee Association of Canada)

TORONTOSept. 16, 2019 /CNW/ – With 14 days until National Coffee Day (September 29, 2019), the Coffee Association of Canada is celebrating Canada’s favourite beverage… by the numbers…

Coffee by the Numbers


Coffee is the most popular beverage among adult Canadians over 16 – even more than tap water.


The average # of cups of coffee Canadian adults drink daily, with more choosing larger sized cups vs 2018.

3 to 4

The # of cups of coffee a day that may be associated with a lower risk of death and developing heart disease compared to drinking no coffee at all.


Unsweetened coffee is listed as one of only 4 “healthy drink options” other than water in the new Canada Food Guide.


The % of Canadians purchasing ready-to-drink coffee in a bottle or can (which has more than doubled in the last 5 years).


Canadians under this age are more likely to drink “gourmet” coffee beverages: espresso based (cappuccinos, macchiatos americanos etc.) and non-espresso-based beverages (nitro, cold brew, frozen blended).


The % of Canadians 16-79 who drank coffee yesterday (compared to 63% of Americans)


The # of coffee experts who will come together at the Coffee Association of Canada Conference on September 23 at the Toronto Congress Centre.


The # of participants in a 2018 study that found that coffee may boost chances for a longer life including in those drinking at least 8 cups per day, in both slow and fast metabolizers of caffeine, and in consumers of ground, instant, and decaffeinated coffee. 

*Source: 2019 Coffee Association of Canada “Canadian Coffee Drinking Trends Study”

About the Coffee Association of Canada
The Coffee Association of Canada (CAC) ( is a registered not-for-profit trade organization whose members include Canadian coffee roasters, retailers, importers and suppliers. The CAC has been conducting its proprietary Canadian Coffee Drinking Trends Study annually since 2006; and every other year from 1998-2005. This survey provides CAC Member Patrons with valuable insight into the consumption habits and attitudes of Canadian coffee drinkers, and coffee drinking trends over time. Share the coffee love @CoffeeAssociat1 #NtlCoffeeDayCanada #coffeeassoc

SOURCE The Coffee Association of Canada

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