Crawford Forensic Accounting Services Launches an Online Business Interruption Calculator

Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. (CNW Group/Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.)

TORONTO, April 18, 2018 /CNW/ – Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. today announced the launch of an online simple loss calculator as an enhancement to its Crawford Forensic Accounting Service offering. Coupling technological innovation with the company’s forensic accounting and claims management expertise, this loss calculator was developed to assist in the management of business interruption losses. By design, the loss calculator is tailored towards retail and wholesale business interruption claims where the loss duration is 14 days or less.

“As a claims and risk management firm we are committed to simplifying and expediting the claims cycle by developing and investing in innovative technology and tools, and leveraging appropriate experts,” said Paul Hancock, vice president, Global Technical Services (GTS) Canada, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. “This tool was designed to assist our clients and the marketplace in determining the initial extent of a business interruption loss, set reserves, and map out an appropriate course of action.”

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For risk management purposes, Crawford’s loss calculator can assist in managing the impact of business interruption losses by requesting initial information required to take appropriate action. The calculator is easy to use. It consists of a five-step process, with prompts, that directs users through each step to help ensure that all the necessary information is captured.

Across all of its global service lines, Crawford is building industry solutions and this loss calculator is one more addition to its product suite.

Crawford’s mission is to restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities,” said Pat Van Bakel, president & chief executive officer, Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc. “This calculator helps to accelerate the claims process, helping businesses to recover and return to normal business operations quickly.”

Should you have any questions, Crawford’s Forensic Accounting Services can assist.

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