Dove Launches Love Your Silver to Empower Women to Love & Embrace Their Grey Hair

NEW hair care from Dove providing gentle, sulphate-free formulas will launch with initiatives to support the silver hair community in Canada with the Love Your Silver Shampoo & Conditioner duo exclusively at Amazon

Love Your Silver Shampoo & Conditioner duo exclusively at Amazon. (CNW Group/Dove Canada)

TORONTO, /CNW/ – On Tuesday, Dove announced the launch of its Love Your Silver Shampoo and Conditioner duo for grey-haired women. Formulated with gentle, science-driven formulations infused with skincare-inspired ingredients like biotin complex, the products are developed to make grey hair care more widely accessible, with the mission of celebrating the unique beauty of hair and encouraging women to proudly wear the hair that makes them, them.

Society doesn’t celebrate aging women. Especially women with visual indications of their age, from grey hair to wrinkles. With this mission in mind and to further fuel a conversation Dove sparked with the #KeepTheGrey movement in 2022, the Love Your Silver Shampoo and Conditioner brings that mission to life through targeted products for neglected hair categories. In doing so, it sets out to further support women who feel most themselves with silver hair by working to fill a gap in haircare support, custom solutions, and accessible expertise for grey hair with a compelling launch video.

“After the success of the Dove #KeepTheGrey initiative in 2022, Dove knew work still needed to be done to address the challenges of ageism experienced by women in Canada. Our goal is to continue that conversation and encourage women to celebrate their grey, white and silver hair with innovative and nourishing formulas,” says Head of Beauty & Wellbeing of Canada Leslie Golts. “We want all women to be seen and represented in the personal care space with quality products catered to all hair types, colours and textures.”  

With this launch, Dove hopes to spark a larger dialogue around the need for more industry recognition for specific silver haircare needs, as 7 in 10 women claimed they have some degree of grey hair with almost half of them stating they highlight their hair to hide the grey because they look better with their hair dyed.

In addition to the Love Your Silver Shampoo and Conditioner range specifically formulated for gorgeous greys, Dove is celebrating the launch with additional support initiatives for the silver-haired community:

  • Dove is partnering with women blazing a trail in fighting back against conventional hair rules and beauty standards in support of the silver strand community. Through a moving purpose film, Dove is capturing the often negative or fearful sentiment around discovering that first grey hair, and paying it off by championing beauty women who are fully embracing their greys. The video can be watched here.

Dove’s new Love Your Silver duo uses Dove Gorgeous Greys system with purple pigment to counteract unwanted tones, combat brassiness, and add radiant shine to grey, white & silver hair. Its lightweight formula, developed for thin hair, also nourishes, and adds volume & fullness from root to tip.

New Dove Love Your Silver Shampoo and Conditioner is now available exclusively at Amazon. To learn more, please visit the link here.

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SOURCE Dove Canada

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