From Wish lists to Dinners: Mastering Valentine’s Day Like a Boss

by Millionaire-Matchmaker Natacha Noël

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Ladies let’s get real this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to drop those lofty expectations on your partner and seize the day to create your own perfect moment. Remember, if your relationship isn’t currently riding a high wave, don’t expect your man to emerge from the woodwork with a grand love proclamation. It’s unfair and unrealistic to anticipate a fairy-tale surprise, especially if your partnership is navigating through rough waters. Valentine’s Day isn’t a magic wand that transforms a struggling relationship into a romance novel overnight.

As a millionaire-matchmaker and relationship coach, I would like to address something to my single ladies. There’s a common complaint among men that needs attention. Many feel that women are more interested in testing what a man will do for them, rather than genuinely diving into the romance. This trend is not just in the dating scene but seeps into ongoing relationships as well. Let’s shift this narrative. Focus on building a connection first, rather than evaluating a man’s Valentine’s Day performance as a benchmark for his commitment.

Taking Charge of Valentine’s Dinner Plans

Ladies, when it comes to Valentine’s Day dinner, let’s flip the script a bit. Instead of passively waiting for your man to make reservations, why not take the initiative? Go ahead and make reservations at three different restaurants you adore. Then, present these options to your partner and let him pick the place he’d like to take you to – after all, he’s the one picking up the tab. This move shows that you’re involved and care about the evening, yet you’re considerate enough to leave the final decision to him. Just remember to be a responsible diner and cancel the other two reservations. This small act of assertiveness and consideration sets a tone of mutual respect and collaboration in your relationship.

365 Days of Relationship Evolution

Now, let’s think beyond Valentine’s Day. What are you going to do in the next 365 days to ensure your relationship is not just good, but chandelier-swinging great? This year, challenge yourself to occasionally step into his shoes. Understanding his perspective can be enlightening and may reveal ways you can both adjust and level up as a couple. It’s about being the bigger person, recognizing each other’s needs, and working together to create a fulfilling, adventurous relationship. Every day offers an opportunity to strengthen your bond, communicate better, and keep the excitement alive.

Balancing the Top Dog and Bottom Dog Dynamics

In any relationship, it’s crucial to avoid the top dog and bottom dog dynamic, where one person is always catering to the other. This Valentine’s Day let’s focus on balancing the scales. A relationship should be about giving and receiving in equal measures. If you find yourself always on the giving or receiving end, it’s time for a recalibration. This adjustment isn’t just about fairness; it’s about respect and love. When both partners feel valued and appreciated, the relationship naturally becomes more passionate and harmonious. Remember, a balanced partnership elevates both individuals, creating an environment where love, respect, and passion can thrive.

Now, let’s talk gifts – the good, the bad, and the disappointing.

Why leave your happiness to chance or, worse, face the awkwardness of an unwanted gift? Here’s a boss babe solution: send your partner an online store wish list. It’s practical, straightforward, and saves both of you from the letdown of unmet expectations. This approach isn’t about materialism; it’s about understanding and fulfilling each other’s needs, striking that perfect balance in your relationship.

Finally, a word of caution about social media on Valentine’s Day. Basing your expectations on those picture-perfect posts is a surefire path to disappointment. Remember, what you see online is often a curated, highlight reel of someone else’s life. This Valentine’s Day let’s not fall for propaganda. Focus on creating genuine, heartfelt moments rather than chasing an Instagram-worthy facade. Let’s take charge of our Valentine’s Day experience, ladies. It’s about creating joy, not just waiting for it to happen!

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