Hippo Premium Packaging Works With Cannabis Companies’ Design Teams

Hippo Premium Packaging works with cannabis advertising agencies, design firms, and brand owners, including: Billo, HPRC, Garden Society, Gooey Cannabis, SolDaze, Plaid Cannabiz Marketing, and Theory Wellness.

Hippo complements client’s design teams and provide deep expertise in the complex world of compliant packaging

SAN DIEGOSept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Hippo Premium Packaging (hippopackaging.com), a leader in custom packaging and branding solutions for the legal cannabis industry, has worked with many cannabis companies that provided their own designs. Most cannabis companies choose to have Hippo’s award-winning design team create its packaging or branding solution, however, Hippo frequently also works with agencies and its client’s designers.

Charlie Peddie, Head of Operations for Billo Premium Cannabis, said that his company had a designer, but that Hippo added expertise and guidance to make its packaging even better.

“Hippo’s communication was always on-point and very clear,” he said. “They were able to translate a multi-layer, multiple finish product with amazing touch and feel, including embossing and varnish coatings in just the right places. Thanks to Hippo, our packaging really pops!”

Karli Warner, Co-Founder of Garden Society, also had her own designs, but was looking for a packaging expert to take the projects to completion.

“I was initially drawn to Hippo because like us, they are a women-owned company,” Karli said. “They brought our designs to life and were an absolute joy to work with.”

Lisa Hansen of Plaid Cannabiz Marketing, worked with Hippo for its clients Gooey Cannabis and SolDaze snacks.

“We were attracted to Hippo for its capabilities in high-end print quality and special finishes,” Lisa said. “Hippo understands what premium packaging looks and feels like.”

Kary Radestock, Co-Founder and CEO of Hippo Premium Packaging said that she often works with clients that have an agency or designers.

“To be blunt, packaging is tough. There are literally thousands of variables that can either make a brand’s packaging stand out and look amazing, or if done incorrectly, will cause it to fade into the shelf,” she said. “Our job is to help companies and designers, walk them through the process, and add expertise and special touches that make their packaging exceptional.”

Hansen summed it up best: “It is important for us to push our clients to go as big as they can when it comes to packaging. Especially if the intent is to truly build a brand.”


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