Ignite Durham Learning Foundation Named Charity of Choice by DDSB

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In a bid to bolster educational equity and support students facing financial hardship, the Durham District School Board (DDSB) has named the Ignite Durham Learning Foundation (IDLF) as its Charity of Choice. The decision, made by the Board’s Trustees, comes as recognition of IDLF’s unwavering dedication to serving all DDSB students and removing barriers to their success.

Expressing excitement over the collaboration, Michelle Arseneault, a Board Trustee, highlighted the potential for this partnership to provide equitable opportunities for every student within the board. “This impactful collaboration is set to dismantle financial barriers, paving the way for equitable opportunities that empower every student within the board to reach new heights in both academic and personal success,” stated Arseneault.

Neil Joshi, Chair of the IDLF Board, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the shared commitment to breaking down financial barriers for all students and families in the Durham community. “This partnership underscores our collective commitment to breaking down financial barriers and fostering equitable opportunities for all students and families within the Durham community,” said Joshi.

IDLF stands out as the sole charity in the area with an exclusive focus on serving the students of the Durham Region, providing support to the 80,000 students attending DDSB schools daily. Through several impactful funding pillars, IDLF aims to enhance students’ well-being and enrich their educational experiences.

These funding pillars include:
– The Starfish Fund: Providing resources like clothing, school supplies, and transportation support.
– The S.N.A.C.K. Fund: Ensuring food access to promote a nourished learning environment.
– The Make A Difference Fund: Offering subsidies for field trips, extracurricular activities, and school events.
– The Think Outside of the Bell Fund: Supporting participation in specialized programs.
– The Future Fund: Providing financial support for post-secondary pathways.

Through its comprehensive approach, IDLF serves as a steadfast ally for DDSB students, ensuring they have the resources and support they need to succeed.

The collaboration between IDLF and DDSB aims to ignite learning and opportunity for the bright minds of the Durham Region. For more information and to support the work of Ignite Durham Learning Foundation, visit www.IDLF.ca.

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