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TORONTO, /CNW/ – Toronto’s popular wellness restaurant, Impact Kitchen, is proud to announce the launch of Impact Everyday Protein Powder. Building upon Impact Kitchen’s reputation for quality, this marks the company’s first foray into direct-to-consumer products. Available in both Grass Fed Whey and Plant Protein formulations, the launch furthers Impact Kitchen’s reach and reputation as a true tastemaker in the world of nutrition.

With a mission to provide high-quality nutrition that positively impacts lives, Co-Founder Josh Broun explains, “We’ve always championed high-quality ingredients, and our new Impact Everyday brand extends our vision from the restaurant to your home. Impact Everyday isn’t just about nourishing bodies; it’s about nourishing the lifestyle of our community.”

Frustrated by the lack of consistency and availability of high-quality protein powders required to fuel the needs of Impact Kitchens’ health-focused menu, the founders set out to create their own formulations that meet Impact Kitchens standards to offer the cleanest nutrition possible.

Crafted in Canada, the powders are meticulously formulated using the best ingredients to fuel an active lifestyle.  The whey protein formulation is sourced using grass-fed dairy with no hormones or antibiotics, produced via a proprietary filtration process that concentrates whey proteins in a highly purified form, resulting in a product with exceptional nutritive value.

For plant-based lovers, Impact Everyday Plant Protein powder is a blend of 4 plant-based protein sources, including organic yellow peas, brown rice, organic pumpkin seeds, and organic chia seeds. With 22-23 grams of protein per serving, the formula also includes 1 billion probiotic cultures that contribute to healthy gut flora and is sweetened only with monk fruit juice concentrate.

Both formulations are available in either delicious-tasting chocolate or vanilla, designed to be your everyday nutrition solution that makes an Impact.

“Impact Everyday Protein Powder marks a new era of growth for us. With an additional Toronto location on the horizon and our sights set on expansion into the US, we’re broadening our reach and growing our community which is very gratifying to see” says Frank Toskan, Co-Founder.

Launching on October 23rd, Impact Everyday Grass Fed Whey Protein and Plant Protein will be available across Canada at and in all Impact Kitchen locations. Impact Everyday is proud to provide the community with a new, high-quality, everyday nutrition solution that makes an Impact.

SOURCE Impact Kitchen

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