In Honor of National CBD Day: Two Women Tech CEOs Team Up to Take the Guesswork out of CBD

Co-Founders Marcy Capron-Vermillion (left) and Coco Meers (right)

Equilibria Offers Personalized Routines of Premium CBD with 1:1 Dosage Support

CHICAGOAug. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — With dozens of new brands entering the market each month and its own National holiday on August 8th, CBD is quickly penetrating the daily lives of consumers. Between the quickly proliferating field of options and the wide array of formula choices and strengths, how do consumers know where to start? How much should they take?  In what form, and how often? Having built dozens of consumer products and brands between them, Co-Founders Coco Meers (L’Oréal Alumna and Founder PrettyQuick, acquired by Groupon in 2015) and Marcy Capron-Vermillion (Founder Polymathic, acquired by DevMynd 2017) created Equilibria to restore balance to modern women by demystifying the CBD journey, from starting dose to personalized routine development and ongoing Dosage Specialist support.

“The CBD market is expanding at a rapid rate, with little regard to quality, service and education,” said Coco Meers, Co-Founder & CEO of Equilibria. “We saw an opportunity to deliver not only the highest quality CBD on the market, purpose-built to deliver maximum therapeutic benefits, but white glove, clinical luxury service that caters to each woman individually.”

In a sea of CBD brands, Equilibria -launched Spring 2019- proudly offers personalized dosage support led by veteran cannabis educators and unparalleled quality from their exclusive bioscience partner- all to advance the mission of balance for women.

I.  CBD as a Service -Personalized Dosage Support for all members: led by Cannabis Educators and Clinical Cannabis Pharmacists, Equilibria’s Dosage Specialists consult with their members every step of the way. 

A 37-year-old working mother with insomnia and exacerbated stress during her period. A 73-year-old plagued with chronic pain whose arthritis prevents her from playing with her grandkids. These women are part of Equilibria’s community, and Equilibria gets to know them and their health goals from the start of their journey. CBD is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Female body chemistry, age, metabolism, health goals, and current medications influence the amount of CBD they need, and how often they should take it. With daily and consistent use, CBD can change lives. Finding this balance and relief is a journey and Equilibria’s science-driven support teams are active guides in their members’ experience.

Most Equilibria members begin their journey with a curated starter collection:

  • The Beginner Box ($49 with one-time purchase) is a 14-day supply, consisting of 14ct. 10mg Daily Softgels, 150mg/15ml Daily Drops
  • The Balance Box ($110 with one-time purchase, $89 with subscription) is a 30-day supply, including 30ct 10mg Daily Softgels, 300mg/30ml Daily Drops + luxury gift with purchase (branded tote)
  • The Brilliance Box ($160 with one-time purchase, $129 with subscription) includes the Balance Box contents along with 500mg/1oz Relief Cream

Upon receipt of their box, members receive clear starting instructions for the first week, and email reminders encouraging them to set up a dosage consultation to help them understand and customize their daily systems. Members with severe conditions or contradiction concerns may book time with Equilibria’s Clinical Cannabis Pharmacist. By investing in personalized support, Equilibria can suggest daily routines that yield optimal results for their members.

II.All aspects of Equilibria’s products and services focus on restoring balance to the lives of women. CBD works with the body to promote balance, and women’s bodies need balance. 

Equilibria’s female-led team delivers on this vision by focusing their service and R&D efforts on CBD science and female biochemistry. From hormonal regulation and anxiety to auto-immune and inflammation, women’s physiological and mental health systems can easily swing out of balance. CBD helps achieve homeostasis throughout the body’s systems.

  • Equilibria’s Dosage Support team is trained in female biochemistry and applications of CBD for female health.
  • Product Innovation – Equilibria is launching female specific products in Q319 including:
    • Vaginal suppositories
    • CBD Capsules exclusively formulated with female hormonal support
    • Balancing face serum
    • Bath Line including Bath Scrub and Bath Bombs

CBD can help women at any age, and Equilibria’s premier quality, medical-grade CBD with personalized support helps every woman reclaim balance in her life.

III. To offer clinical support and maximum therapeutic benefits requires that Equilibria have complete confidence and transparency into the consistency and quality of their supply chain.  For Marcy and Coco, white-labeling wasn’t good enough.  Equilibria is proud to join forces in an exclusive partnership with CFH, LTD – a leading bioscience firm and industrial hemp producer in Longmont, Colo. 

Coco and Marcy surveyed the landscape of CBD white label manufacturers, but it didn’t feel right to simply purchase product and re-label, like so many other CBD brands. These science-oriented and data-driven leaders needed to know that every step of the process was optimized for consumer safety and medical-grade results. They chose to partner with CFH and work together as partner companies with shared ownership – because they recognized the CFH team was as passionate about traceability, consistency, and results as they were. By partnering strategically at the farm level, Equilibria uses its clinical data and member insights to inform R&D of the genetics program and help influence strain development. The Equilibria team helps participate in the growth and development of CFH crops, and the companies’ Science teams collaborate closely on product development. As a part of this unique vertically integrated strategy, Equilibria is positioned to influence earlier parts of the value chain to help inform the future of cannabis and women’s wellness.

Details on CFH, Equilibria’s Farm Partner:

Precision Breeding

The CFH bioscience team has 30+ years’ experience in seed genetics. Their CBD features extensive cannabinoids and terpenes – many times more powerful than the average over-the-counter cannabis. Ask Equilibria for lab reports! They’re proud to show them off.

Hand Harvested & Cleanly Extracted

All CFH and Equilibria’s organic, full-spectrum hemp oil is carefully harvested from flowers only, the purest source of cannabinoids. No stalks, stems or isolates whatsoever.

To fully respect the integrity of their high-quality harvest, the extraction process uses state-of-the-art technology mirroring luxury, essential oil production.

Single Source

Equilibria’s CBD is fully traceable from their partner farm to your doorstep. No recombinants. No fluff. No fillers. No middlemen.

Exclusive Partnership in Female-Focused Wellness

As a leader in education and therapeutic uses focused on women, Equilibria was CFH’s partner of choice as they expanded their business throughout the entire value chain.

To learn more about the brand or for more information, please visit


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