J Balvin, carried by the favors of the international public that has won VIBRAS, his new album released recently, and his prestigious title, that of collaborator very solicited, is today the first worldwide on Spotify. Its monthly audience of 48,158,683 million listeners is the highest ever achieved by a Latin music artist.

“All I can say is thank you, thank you; I am so grateful and so proud to be the most listened to artist in the world on Spotify. It’s bigger than J Balvin; it’s the movement and it’s in Spanish. We are showing evidence that Latinos can engage with a global audience without renouncing our identity. It’s a wonderful achievement for the entire Latino community. I am very grateful to Spotify for its tremendous support of the reggaeton movement. ” – J BALVIN

“J Balvin demonstrates, in record time, that Spanish music has no boundaries. The consumption of his music, that is to say, the trend not only on the platforms of diffusion, but also in the clubs, the radio and other, amplifies exponentially and reaches all the social circles in the whole world. Despite his young age, this Colombian Universal label artist is becoming a living legend of our music. – Jesus Lopez , President and CEO, Universal Latin America Music & Iberian Peninsula.

MIAMI , June 26, 2018 / CNW / –

Declared since its release the biggest start of the year of Latin music, Vibras by J Balvin, has been selected as “one of the best albums of the year to date ” by TIME, ROLLING STONE and BILLBOARD

A native of Medellín, Colombia, José Álvaro Osorio Balvin – best known to a legion of fans around the world as J. BALVIN, a Grammy-winning Hispanic winner, – was hailed by Billboard as “the most a major breakthrough in Latin music for many years “and remains the only Latin American artist to feature recently as Rolling Stone’s ” New Classics ” among” creative visionaries … who refuse to bow to the rules of the past then that they define the territory of tomorrowWith its own style, which pays homage to the first wave of Puerto Rican Reggaeton stars, but mixing Colombian and mainstream hip-hop rhythms, a style characterized by more seductive than boastful lyrics and a strong passion in fashion, J Balvin has become the undisputed leader of a second-generation Reggaeton revolution propelling urban sound to the forefront of Latin American music around the world.

Between his first major album, LA FAMILA , which changed the rules of the game, the multiplatine successor ENERGIA (the Latin album n ° 1 of 2016) and the singles like Mi Gente and Machika , released recently, J Balvin was quickly carved out an empire consisting of nine single Latin # 1, over 50 million followers on social media and TEN BILLION views, in total, on YouTube. Last summer, Mi Gente became the first all-Spanish title to win first place in the Global 50 ranking.from Spotify, and now J Balvin has surpassed Drake by becoming the # 1 artist on Spotify around the world. With his innovative style and success on the hit parade, J Balvin has also become one of the most sought after Latin musicians, having worked with stars such as Beyoncé, Justin Bieber , Cardi B, Liam Payne , Nicky Jam, Pharrell Williams , Ariana Grande , Major Lazer , Poo Bear , Juanes, Daddy Yankee, Camilla Cabelo and others.

With the recent release of VIBRAS , a hit on the hit parade, J Balvin adds to his already famous catalog a new collection of songs that combine songs paying tribute to old school reggaeton, balanced by new adventurous mergers that still make to advance the genre in style, tolerance and rhythms, a production that will continue to amplify the favorable reception of urban Latin music worldwide. As evidenced by his collaborations with big stars (see impressive list above), J Balvin chose to demonstrate the strength of his musical performance by sharing the limelight with respected reggaeton contemporaries (Wisin y Yandel, Zion and Lennox) , Latin artists of the crossed genre brought to the skies (Carla Morrison , Rosalio) and innovative / emerging international artists such as Willy William , Anitta and Jeon. The album, for the most part, features the producer’s chair owned by Balvin’s long-time Colombian artistic partner / producer, Sky, and Tainy, a Puerto Rican reggaeton pioneer, while Willy William and Chuckie and Childsplay perform. respectively, in pre-production, the simple Mi Gente and Machika . But, be it the propulsive rhythm of the already established successes or the relaxed summer groove of the title song and the simple current Ambiente, the universal lead that Balvin has breathed into his album is such endearing music that can thrill audiences, music that broadens the understanding of Latin culture and moves Spanish forward on an equal footing. the global pop landscape.

Get ready now to join J. BALVIN this fall during his North American VIBRAS tour with Whiskey Buchananan’s. The tour, featuring 27 Live Nation concerts, will begin Sept. 19 in Fresno , Calif., And will make stops in Los Angeles , New York , Miami , Chicago , Las Vegas , Houston and more.

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