Kate Hudson Teams Up with MyFitnessPal for 2024 Small Steps, Big Wins Plan

Along with her personal trainer, Brian Ngyuen, Kate shows how small steps can lead to lifelong healthy habits with help from the leading global food tracking and nutrition app

Kate Hudson Teams Up with MyFitnessPal for 2024 Small Steps, Big Wins Plan (CNW Group/MyFitnessPal)

TORONTO, /CNW/ – MyFitnessPal, the No. 1 global nutrition and food tracking app, is stepping into the New Year with an invitation to join their free, one-week Small Steps, Big Wins Plan. Designed to create sustainable, lifelong habits, the Plan introduces seven small changes that can have a big impact on health goals long-term across topics such as protein, sugar, hydration and more. This year, award-winning actress, author, and entrepreneur, Kate Hudson – along with her personal fitness trainer, Brian Nguyen – are partnering on the challenge by providing tips, tricks, food swaps, and inspirational affirmations to help users reach their personal health goals.

“I’m excited to partner with MyFitnessPal because we share a vision to help inspire people to get healthy and just take those small steps to get them started. This is something I’ve been passionate about for years so developing the Small Steps, Big Wins Plan with them was a natural next step after using the app for years to track my nutrition,” says Hudson. “This seven-day program includes great strategies like swapping out high-sugar foods and habit-stacking hydration. It’s empowering to learn more about how your body responds to nutrition and I hope users will join me on this health journey.”

“One thing I always work on with Kate is moving her body at least once a day. But to move our bodies effectively, we have to match it with proper nutrition,” says Nguyen. “Tracking food with MyFitnessPal is an invaluable way to receive insights on what you’re putting in your body and really helps you focus on habits that can be changed without having to overhaul your lifestyle. I’m excited to introduce people to a healthier way of living, starting with this seven-day program.”

Some of the Small Steps, Big Wins Plan highlights include:

  • Seven small steps – from logging sugar intake to increasing hydration – that are easily attainable to successfully create lifelong healthy habits.
  • Tips and tricks from Kate Hudson on how to stay inspired through movement and delicious meals.
  • Kate Hudson’s favourite affirmations for achieving health goals and boosting self-confidence.

“The New Year is synonymous with setting health goals for the year ahead, but by the end of January, most people have given up on their resolutions. MyFitnessPal wants to help our users avoid the trap of setting unrealistic, unattainable goals by introducing strategies that are easy to reach with simple, small changes,” explains Katie Keil, Chief Marketing Officer of MyFitnessPal. “Whether the goal is to lose or maintain weight heading into 2024, we’ll be standing beside our users with data-led insights, healthy recipes, and guidance at the ready.”

Simply download the free MyFitnessPal app and sign-up for the free Small Steps, Big Wins Plan today. People can join at any time and commit to making small changes to their daily routine for seven days to kick-start the new year with a step in the right direction towards their wellness goals.

For more information on MyFitnessPal, visit www.myfitnesspal.com or download via App Store and Google Play.

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