LAND Designs Old Pal Provisions Soft Goods Program With New Apparel And Accessories

'Legalize Humanity' t-shirt.

LOS ANGELESAug. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Old Pal is proud to launch a Provisions program designed by LAND as the brand continues to grow its popularity nationwide. The first round of products compliments an already successful first year in business as Old Pal asserts itself as one of the fastest growing cannabis lifestyle companies in the nation.

Old Pal Provisions is another component of the cultural footprint customers have already come to love from this Cosmic Cognition brand. Key products in the line include: The High Noon t-shirt for anyone who sparks up under the sun. Chag Nampa incense for the literal application of POTpourri to mask the unwanted scent of your fun-filled flower. Brass lighter cases to bling your Bic. Sew on patches for every kind of application and surf wax, because when you’re sliding the waves of life, sometimes you gotta get a grip to rip. The Old Pal mark is carried over to a cap and tote and a range of prints salute the brand’s commitment to kindness, peace and bliss.

“We designed a line for Old Pal Provisions as a way to normalize the cannabis conversation and to celebrate a brand that espouses the idea of ‘weed for the people,’ said LAND partner, Caleb Owen Everitt. “The range of tees, hats, prints, incense, patches, lighter cases and even surf wax help spread the communal spirit of Old Pal,” added partner, Ryan Rhodes.

More items will be added over the summer season but you can shop everything now at the Old Pal Provisions website.

About LAND
In 2011, Caleb Owen Everitt and Ryan Rhodes partnered to found the Austin-based design studio and creative consultancy LAND. LAND has since garnered international attention and built a reputation for helping build and maintain some of the most influential brands in the world. Distinguishable by a unique blending of art, design and idealism, LAND works to use visual communication as a tool to transcend style and time.

Old Pal is a lifestyle cannabis company focused on the value-oriented segment of the market. Through strategic partnerships within the trade, the brand has secured high quality, dependable production and distribution. With the incorporation of culture-focused design and marketing, Old Pal has defined a much-needed new space within the industry; a space curating an accessible lifestyle beyond stoner culture.


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