Legendary Street Artist JonezyArtwork and Unite Vapeware Collaborate to Bring Urban Art to the Cannabis Vape Industry

JonezyArtwork x Unite is a collaboration between famed street artist JonezyArtwork and premium cannabis vape hardware manufacturer Unite Vapeware. The "Dab Pyramid" is the first release in the new Unite Artist Collection, a collaboration with emerging street artist from around the world.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Unite Vapeware, a leading California-based designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-end vape-related products has teamed up with famed street artist “JonezyArtwork” to create the “Unite Artist Collection”. The collaboration was designed to allow consumers to flex their style while supporting emerging artists. The product line focuses on the cannabis and CBD markets and highlights emerging street artists, muralists, graffiti artists, painters, stencilist, etc.

Starting his art career in Salem Oregon with the overwhelming need to leave his mark on society Jonezy joined the ranks of the thriving 90’s west coast graffiti scene. Fast forward 30 years and that need to leave his mark on society still lives on. Jonezy has successfully transitioned into gallery work, showcasing his unique character style in galleries around the world.

“I met Jonezy at the Indo Expo in Portland and was immediately impressed with his work.  I felt like his art represented much of the cannabis culture so well, it seemed natural to have him produce the first piece in our Unite Artist Collection,” said Joey Schlaegel, Unite Vapeware CEO and founder. “We are extremely excited to bring to market these one-of-a-kind designs.  We look forward to bringing other Jonezy designs to the market.”

“I used the Unite Vapeware products and was blown away with the quality. It was smooth but still full of flavor and the clouds were huge!” said JonezyArtwork.  “When they asked if I would be interested in partnering on an artist series, I jumped at the chance.  They gave me complete freedom in my design, I am excited to be involved in such an innovative concept.”

Bringing such a unique design as the Jonezy cartridge to market was not without its challenges. Due to the vivid colors and fine details, typical screen-printing methods just wouldn’t cut it. So, Unite used a proprietary 7 step printing method that has never been used in the vape industry. This method is extremely time-consuming and requires each unit to be hand-printed, but the quality is truly second to none. “The concept is to create a unique collectible product. So, we weren’t going to settle for anything less than the best,” said Schlaegel.

For more information please visit: www.FiftyShot.com/JonezyArtwork

To be considered as a featured artist on a future release please contact us at: newproducts@unitevapeware.com


SOURCE Unite Vapeware

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