Ultimate Hits and Masterpieces

LOS ANGELESDec. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UMe — Over the course of the Mid 1970s through the 1980’s, Little River Band were one of the biggest artists in the world, delivering an enviable string of perfectly constructed pop masterpieces, performed by a band of accomplished songwriters and musicians – achieving global sales of over 30 million records.

Two new hits collections are available today:

Ultimate Hits celebrates the Little River Band’s long list of chart-topping singles, including ‘Reminiscing’, ‘Help Is On Its Way’, ‘Lady’, ‘Playing To Win’ and many more. It is available as a 3LP – 180 gram vinyl in full color sleeves, alongside 2CD and digital.

Masterpieces celebrates the songs not released as singles throughout the band’s catalog which stand as firm fan favorites around the world, bringing them to the front and giving fans the chance to dive even deeper into the band’s history. It is available as a 3LP – 180 gram vinyl in full color sleeves, alongside 2CD and digital.

Touring the globe to adoring audiences, the band issued 12 albums and along the way collected an enduring, worldwide fanbase – with their hits echoing through the decades as timeless classics.

In addition to the hits collections, Little River Band’s studio albums from 1975 to 1986 have also been digitally reissued in remastered form as of October 14th, 2022.

The extensive Little River Band catalog is renowned worldwide to this very day, perpetuated by their inclusion in film & TV, being named-checked in radio-most-played milestone charts and inclusion in playlists across the globe.

Meticulously curated over many years with members of the Original Little River Band and completely remastered for 2022, these projects are enhanced with extensive liner notes detailing the history of the band – alongside a treasure trove of imagery.

The ‘Ultimate Hits’ and ‘Masterpieces’ collections truly and proudly celebrate the rich and enduring legacy of the Little River Band, marking the first such retrospective celebration in two decades.


ULTIMATE HITS – tracklist (2CD, 3LP and Digital)

  1. It’s A Long Way There (8:39)
  2. Curiosity (Killed The Cat) (3:40)
  3. I’ll Always Call Your Name (4:48)
  4. Emma (3:29)
  5. Everyday Of My Life (3:52)
  6. Help Is On Its Way (4:09)
  7. Witchery (2:54)
  8. Home On Monday (3:57)
  9. Happy Anniversary (4:08)
  10. Shut Down, Turn Off (3:54)
  11. Reminiscing (4:16)
  12. Lady (4:58)
  13. Lonesome Loser (4:00)
  14. Cool Change (5:15)
  15. It’s Not A Wonder (3:58)
  16. I’m Coming Home (3:45)
  17. The Night Owls (5:20)
  18. Take It Easy On Me (3:47)
  19. Man On Your Mind (4:18)
  20. Down On The Border (2:59)
  21. The Other Guy (2:49)
  22. We Two (4:32)
  23. You’re Driving Me Out Of My Mind (5:15)
  24. Playing To Win (3:01)
  25. Forever Blue (5:09)

MASTERPIECES – tracklist (2CD, 3LP and Digital)

  1. My Lady And Me (5:16)
  2. Days On The Road (5:23)
  3. Broke Again (3:28)
  4. Seine City (3:47)
  5. Another Runway (6:32)
  6. Raelene, Raelene (4:32)
  7. Fall From Paradise (5:06)
  8. Light Of Day (8:04)
  9. By My Side (4:28)
  10. Hard Life (Prelude) (2:46)
  11. Hard Life (4:50)
  12. Middle Man (4:29)
  13. Mistress Of Mine (5:16)
  14. Just Say That You Love Me (4:02)
  15. Don’t Let The Needle Win (3:39)
  16. Mr. Socialite (5:26)
  17. Sleepless Nights (5:17)
  18. Easy Money (4:01)
  19. I Know It (3:22)
  20. Love Letters (3:08)
  21. Blind Eyes (5:02)
  22. No Reins On Me (4:41)
  23. How Many Nights? (4:38)
  24. When The War Is Over (5:13)
  25. Face In The Crowd (4:48)
  26. Full Circle (1:58)

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