Martin Mayer Brings Charm of Canadian Music to China

Canadian Pianist & Composer Martin Mayer

VANCOUVERAug. 23, 2019 /CNW/ – Canadian pianist Martin Mayer will begin a new China tour to 20 Chinese cities kicking off in Taiyuan on September 1. Organized by Poly Culture North America, this is an event celebrating the power of music to bring people together and strengthening the friendship between Chinese and Canadian people.

Martin Mayer was born in Czech Republic and fell in love with music after he immigrated to Canada with his family in 1989. His experience, success and fusion music style is a showcase of Canada’s cultural diversity and inclusion.

“Music is a beautiful, timeless language that allows artists such as myself to connect with audiences around the world – crossing all boundaries of language and culture.  Now more than ever, sharing cultural music as a Canadian artist with Chinese audiences is something I’m really excited about with this concert tour.” said Martin Mayer.

The tour program will feature a mix of original music, world-famous songs, and popular Chinese hits such as ‘Thin Red Line’, ‘Love Finds a Way’ and ‘New Dream of Butterflies’, among others. Concert-goers are in for an evening of entertainment they will remember.

Poly Culture North America has committed to promoting bilateral arts and cultural exchange between China and North America since the very beginning. Over the past three years, it has delivered eight international shows for the pleasure of the audience on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, such as Alice in Wonderland, Romeo and Juliet, The China Philharmonic Orchestra In Their Vancouver Debut and The Twelve Girls Band In A Chinese New Year Celebration.

Martin Mayer’s China tour is the first of a series of selected Canadian performances Poly Culture North America will bring to Chinese audience, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Canada-China Diplomatic Relations in 2020. We are going to continue our efforts to push forward the ChinaCanada cultural ties.” said Chen Yi, CEO of Poly Culture North America, adding that Poly Culture North America is working on collaborations with Canadian music community to bring more exciting performance to China in the future. Vancouver Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra’s 2020 tour is next in line, which will tour eight cities including Beijing and Shanghai. More information can be found:

SOURCE Poly Culture North America

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