Mayor Olivia Chow proclaims Immunization Day

World Immunization Day poster (Source: YouTube)

On Friday, Mayor Olivia Chow proclaimed November 10 as Immunization Day in Toronto.

Every year on November 10, World Immunization Day is dedicated to highlighting the effectiveness of vaccines and promoting their use to safeguard against vaccine-preventable diseases. This day underscores the pivotal role of immunization in protecting the health of individuals and communities.

The Mayor’s Immunization Day proclamation is available on the City’s Proclamations webpage:

On this Immunization Day, vaccine-preventable diseases continue to spread worldwide. This day highlights the importance of catching up on routine vaccines that were interrupted and may have been missed due to COVID-19. Learn about the recommended vaccination schedule on the City’s website:

Toronto Public Health (TPH) currently provides access to the nine vaccines for children in Ontario’s Immunization of School Pupils Act to keep children healthy and our schools disease-free.

Parents and guardians of children ages four to 17 can book immunizations for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, meningococcal disease, pertussis (whooping cough) and varicella (chickenpox) at all four TPH fixed-site vaccination clinics. There is no fee for children to receive these vaccines and an OHIP card is not required. Appointments are preferred.

During the colder months, there is an increased transmission of respiratory illnesses, including the flu (influenza), COVID-19 and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Toronto residents can book an appointment for COVID-19, influenza, MPOX, or student vaccines at a TPH fixed-site vaccination clinic.

Residents can book an appointment for these vaccines – including those offered at a TPH Fixed-site Vaccination Clinic – by visiting the City’s website:

The Province of Ontario recently introduced its first publicly funded RSV vaccine program for older high-risk adults. Through this program, adults aged 60 and older living in long-term care homes, Elder Care Lodges and retirement homes licensed to provide dementia care services are eligible to be immunized at their home facility. More information on RSV is available on the Province’s website:


“Immunization Day is a global call to action that highlights the transformative impact of vaccines in preserving public health. The City of Toronto joins in this global initiative to emphasize the importance of vaccination in preventing diseases and improving the quality of life for individuals and communities.”
– Mayor Olivia Chow

“Immunization Day is a powerful reminder that vaccines form the bedrock of a healthier future, providing a shield against global challenges. Toronto Public Health leads the way by providing essential vaccines for individuals of all ages—children, adolescents and adults. Our dedication to community health remains steadfast.”
– Chris Moise, Councillor and Board of Health Chair (Toronto-Centre)

“Toronto Public Health has been working to prepare for a potentially active respiratory virus season. Torontonians have a range of simple steps they can use to lower the risk of severe illness. Among these steps, vaccination stands as one of the most effective preventive measures. We strongly encourage everyone to get up to date on their vaccines. Getting your recommended vaccines is not only important for your personal well-being, it also actively contributes to the overall health and safety of our community.”
– Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto Medical Officer of Health

SOURCE City of Toronto

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