Mendo Medical Brings Acclaimed Beard Bros Pharms Brand to Canada

MONTREAL and LOS ANGELES, /PRNewswire/ — Mendo Medical, a leading Canadian provider of premium medical cannabis and operator of, announced today its latest venture in bringing the celebrated Beard Bros Pharms brand to the Canadian market. This move is part of Mendo’s ongoing effort to diversify its product offerings and provide Canadian patients and adult-use consumers with access to a wider range of top-quality cannabis products.

Founded in California, Beard Bros Pharms has been a prominent figure in the cannabis industry, known for over 20 years of top-shelf cannabis production. With a legacy of excellence in both the medical and adult-use cannabis markets, Beard Bros have been pioneers in producing award-winning high-CBD and high-THC products, including their renowned Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) formulations. Their commitment to quality and patient wellness has made them a respected name in the industry.

“We are delighted to introduce the Beard Bros brand to our Canadian clientele. Their exceptional track record in producing high-quality, craft cannabis products aligns perfectly with our goal of providing the best options to our patients and adult use consumers across Canada,” said Mark Shapiro, CCO at Mendo Medical.

Beard Bros Pharms, with extensive experience in cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, operations, and distribution, brings a wealth of knowledge and quality to the partnership. Co-founders Bill and Jeff Levers have been key figures in advocating for the benefits of cannabis and have contributed significantly to the industry’s growth and development.

“Our collaboration with Mendo Medical represents a significant milestone in our expansion. We’ve been expanding as a multi-state brand in the U.S. and our partnership with Mendo Medical further establishes Beard Bros as a multinational brand. We’re thrilled to bring our expertise and high-quality products to the Canadian market, offering patients and consumers an enhanced cannabis experience,” stated Jeff Levers, co-founder at Beard Bros Pharms.

“This partnership is a testament to Mendo Medical’s commitment to being a leading supplier of medical and recreational cannabis in Canada,” said Jay Schwartz, COO at Mendo Medical.

Beard Bros products will be available in early March. Patients are encouraged to secure their medical document and register at Additionally, adult-use products will be accessible in select provinces by late 2024.

SOURCE Beard Bros Media; Mendo Medical

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