Minister of Education Welcomes Students Back to a Normal, Stable and Enjoyable School Year

school kids with masks on

TORONTO — Today, Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education, issued the following statement to mark the beginning of the 2022-23 school year:

“This new school year marks the beginning of a return to a normal school experience with students in classrooms, for the full school year, with the full school experience. That means that after two years of pandemic disruptions, students are back in normal, enjoyable school settings, including extracurriculars like sports and field trips that we know are so important to student success.

As part of our Plan to Catch Up, we are providing students with expanded tutoring and mental health supports and preparing them with the skills for the jobs of tomorrow. We are emphasizing STEM learning and the skilled trades, teaching students our brand new math and science curriculum that includes concepts of budgeting, credit and other real world applications.

I am fully committed to a stable return to class without disruption through to the end of June. By working together, we can help Ontario students continue to learn in-person for the entire school year, catch up on their studies, and enjoy the normal school experience that students deserve.

To all students, families and staff – welcome back and thank you for your continued hard work!”

SOURCE Province of Ontario

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