Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services expands fleet with state-of-the-art vehicles

One of the two new heavy rescue vehicles (photo contributed)

Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) has welcomed two anticipated, state-of-the-art heavy rescue vehicles. This purchase is a significant milestone for MFES as it marks the first time it has acquired heavy rescue vehicles of this calibre. It also marks a notable advancement in the City’s commitment to ensuring the highest level of safety measures and preparedness for its residents and neighbourhoods.

“These new heavy rescue vehicles represent a substantial investment in the safety and well-being of our community,” said Deryn Rizzi, Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management. “They are integral to our mission of providing prompt and effective emergency response services, ensuring that our highly skilled firefighters have the necessary resources to handle complex and challenging situations efficiently.”

What is a heavy rescue vehicle?

Heavy rescue vehicles provide Mississauga’s highly skilled and trained firefighters with state-of-the-art resources to efficiently respond to challenging and complex situations. They are uniquely designed to carry specialized equipment used for complex emergency scenarios such as:

  • Light and heavy vehicle collisions
  • Trench rescues
  •  High and low angle rope rescues
  • Confined space rescues
  • Industrial, machine and elevator accidents
  • Structural fires
  • Medical emergencies
Heavy rescue vehicle features

In addition to firefighting gear, these heavy rescue vehicles are equipped with a variety of technical rescue tools, including:

  • Battery-powered hydraulic extrication tools
  • Stabilizing struts used to provide structural shoring and vehicle stabilization
  • Rope rescue devices
  • Confined space equipment
  • Trench rescue tools
  • Rigging hardware
  • Machinery and elevator rescue tools, among many others

The heavy rescue vehicles will be strategically deployed across Mississauga to maximize coverage and improve response times, further enhancing MFES’s ability to protect lives and property. These new vehicles will also provide support for emergencies such as structure fires, atmospheric testing, medical crises, and motor vehicle collisions.

Technical specifications of the heavy rescue vehicle

Make: Pierce Manufacturing, Appleton WI

Cab: Five passenger, extended cab with interior storage cabinets


  • 24’ Walk-in Rescue, 78” interior height
  • Fixed front bumper 12,000 lb winch & 9,000 lb mobile winch – To assist with the pulling and stabilizing of vehicles.
  • Eight rope rescue anchor points – This assists with both low and high angle rope rescue manoeuvers.
  • Onan 25kW PTO driven on-board generator – This will provide auxiliary electrical power for various on-board tools and equipment.
  • 200’ electric and air hose reels.
  • Will-Burt Night Scan Chief Roof Mounted LED Light Tower – This provides lighting at night, during emergencies.
  • Atlas-Copco 16.7 CFM @175 psi on-board air compressor – This provides compressed air for pneumatic tools and equipment.
Future additions to the MFES fleet: electric-powered pumper vehicle

In addition to the heavy rescue vehicles, MFES will also add its first-ever electric-powered pumper vehicle to its fleet this year. The vehicle will support the City in lowering its carbon emissions while boasting eco-friendly features that minimize noise and exhaust emissions. The electric range of the EV pumper is expected to be approximately 100 km. The vehicle will require a 90-minute charging cycle to fully power up the battery using a DC fast charger.

SOURCE City of Mississauga

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