Mississauga Fire and Emergency Services Launches Vulnerable Persons Registry

Person using laptop computer - Mississauga launches vulnerable persons registry

The City of Mississauga’s Fire and Emergency Services (MFES) has launched a new Vulnerable Persons Registry and is encouraging those who may require extra assistance in the event of an emergency to register themselves or their loved ones.

“The Vulnerable Persons Registry will aid our firefighters in being able to quickly and effectively respond to the specific needs of individuals in emergency situations,” said Deryn Rizzi, Fire Chief and Director of Emergency Management. “We have an enormous responsibility to make sure that we are doing everything we can to keep residents as safe as possible and this registry will help us do that.”

The Vulnerable Persons Registry is a confidential, no-cost, voluntary registry. With no age restrictions, it is designed to meet the needs of residents who have mobility limitations, visual and hearing impairments, who use oxygen devices or have other requirements.

Registration is now open and residents can sign up online or by mail. For those without Internet access, registration can be done by calling 3-1-1 or by using a computer at any Mississauga Library location.

“By completing the Vulnerable Persons Registry, a simple action that takes just a few moments, you’re providing vital information to our firefighters that will give them an advantage in working to keep everyone safe when seconds count,” Rizzi added.

Information shared is stored safely and only available to responding firefighters in the case of an emergency. To ensure the information remains current, residents are asked to update their registry annually.

Learn more about the Vulnerable Persons Registry.

SOURCE City of Mississauga

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