Mississauga selected to host Ontario’s top country music awards in 2024 and 2026

CMAOntario Festival and Awards Poster (image source: Country Music Association of Ontario)

The City of Mississauga is thrilled to share that the Country Music Association of Ontario (CMAO) has selected Mississauga to be the host city for the CMAOntario Festival and Awards in 2024 and 2026.

“Mississauga is honoured and excited to welcome the 12th annual CMAOntario Festival and Awards,” said Acting Mayor and Ward 3 Councillor Chris Fonseca. “As Canada’s seventh-largest city and 2023 Music City of the Year, we are home to world-class, diverse musicians and a vibrant live music scene that attracts visitors from across Canada. I want to thank CMAO for choosing Mississauga to hold this prestigious music festival. We look forward to celebrating Ontario’s artists and welcoming them to our city next summer.”

CMAO has partnered with Visit Mississauga and the City of Mississauga to bring a weekend of live music, concerts and activities to the city from May 31 to June 2, 2024, with a spectacular awards show planned for Sunday, June 2 at the Living Arts Centre.

“Hosting these prestigious awards in our city truly highlights that we have great spaces to share and enjoy music while advancing our Music Strategy,” said Jodi Robillos, Commissioner, Community Services. “As a City, we’re focused on amplifying Mississauga’s music scene and helping advance local artists and talent. I want to acknowledge Victoria Clarke and the Visit Mississauga team for their sponsorship role and for working to bring this fantastic event to our city, and thank CMAO for selecting Mississauga to host this event first in 2024 and then again in 2026.”

Earlier this year, Mississauga was named the 2023 Music City of the Year and was recognized for its efforts in establishing a Music Strategy with a goal of positioning the city as an incubator for top musical talent and national destination for live music events and festivals.

In 2022, the City announced its first Music Strategy: 2022-2026, which identifies 32 actions over the next five years to support the growth and development of Mississauga’s music industry. It focuses on four guiding principles, which include amplifying Mississauga’s artists, creating a favourable environment for live music, supporting underrepresented people and groups, and celebrating Mississauga’s history and success.

For more information about the 12th annual CMAOntario Festival and Awards, visit cmaontario.ca.

SOURCE City of Mississauga

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