The Mississauga Steelheads hosting Talk Today Game

MISSISSAUGA, ON – For the 10th season, Mississauga Steelheads are partnering with Canadian Mental Health Association, Peel Dufferin for a mental health awareness game Friday February 9th at 7PM, presented by Syngenta and Grain Farmers of Ontario, when the Steelheads take on the Colts at Paramount Fine Foods Centre.

The game day experience will have several features to promote the importance of mental health, including:

  • A CMHA-run kiosk on the concourse where fans can learn more about mental health and the organization’s community-based services
  • A ceremonial puck drop and photo opportunity with CMHA Peel Dufferin
  • Videos featuring players talking about the importance of mental health
  • Public service announcements about mental health and CMHA Peel Dufferin
  • A CMHA fundraising component

This mental health awareness game marks 10 seasons that the Steelheads and CMHA Peel Dufferin have partnered to deliver the Talk Today program. This year’s game is also presented by Syngenta and Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Originally launched by CMHA Ontario in partnership with the Ontario Hockey League during the 2014-15 season, Talk Today provides an important opportunity to address the mental health needs of athletes across Canada. Through this program, over 1,850 OHL players and over 575 coaches, billets and staff have received mental health and suicide prevention training across the league.

The key piece of the Talk Today program has been to educate players about mental health and suicide prevention. Each team is also linked to a CMHA mental health coach, who provides support and mental health resources to individuals in need.

“Talk Today wouldn’t be where it is today without the leadership and support of the OHL,” said CMHA Ontario CEO Camille Quenneville.  “We’re proud to see how the program has evolved over the past 10 seasons, we’re thankful for all our partners across Canadian junior hockey, and we’re honoured to continue working with teams and leagues across the country. The OHL and their teams have been essential to Talk Today’s success and we cannot express enough how much we appreciate their continued support for the program.”

“Mental wellness is a priority area of focus for Grain Farmers of Ontario as we look to help Ontario grain farmers struggling with mental health issues and to remove any stigma still associated with talking about mental health or seeking help,” said Paul Hoekstra, Vice President, Strategic Development, at Grain Farmers of Ontario. “A program like the OHL and CMHA’s Talk Today helps start much-needed conversations and educate people about mental health issues. We are thrilled to partner with Syngenta and the OHL to provide this vital program.”

“Hockey is a part of many farming communities, so it’s natural for us to get involved in such an important cause,” said Norm Sutherland, District Manager, Syngenta Canada. “At Syngenta, we prioritize mental wellbeing for our employees and for our customers. Just as mental health should be talked about in the dressing room, it’s a necessary discussion on the farm, where daily stresses can take their toll. We’re grateful to work alongside CMHA, the OHL, and Grain Farmers of Ontario to elevate the mental health conversation and provide support in rinks and farming communities across the province.”

Tickets for the game are still available starting at $19. For more ticket information, visit ticketmaster.ca.

SOURCE Mississauga Steelheads

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