Mississauga welcomes provincial investment in two important transit projects

artistic rendering of Hurontario LRT -Britannia stop at night (image source: Infrastructure Ontario)

On Thursday, the Provincial government announced plans to support two key transit priorities for Mississauga – enhancing GO Train service along the Milton Line with two-way, all-day service and reinstating the two-kilometre Downtown Loop as part of the Hazel McCallion Line (Hurontario LRT). The City of Mississauga looks forward to working with the Province, Metrolinx and the Federal government to implement these key city-building initiatives.

“All-day, two-way GO Train service on the Milton Line is a game changer for Mississauga. It has long been a top transit and city-building priority for our city,” said Acting Mayor Joe Horneck. “For too long, the train has travelled the wrong way for Mississauga residents and businesses. Along with the federal commitment made two years ago, this project can finally move forward. It is our hope that the federal and provincial governments can work together to make this project a reality as soon as possible. On behalf of City Council, I want to thank the province for these investments in Mississauga.”

On the Hurontario corridor, the addition of the downtown loop is welcome news for the City as it will support the growth of Mississauga’s downtown core, which is projected to double in population in the next 20 years. More than 70,000 people and more than 10,000 new jobs will come to Mississauga’s downtown. People will need to move to and from the core and the downtown loop will be an important way to do this.

“Mississauga is also very pleased that the Province is moving ahead with the reintroduction of the Downtown Loop to the Hazel McCallion Line,” said Shari Lichterman, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “Like all-day, two-way GO service on the Milton Line, this has been a priority for many years. It is essential for Mississauga to reach its provincial housing targets and to build a sustainable community.”

Regionally connected public transit is essential to support the City’s future growth and development. When Mississauga signed the provincial housing pledge in March 2023 and released its housing plan, “Growing Mississauga,” the City requested the provincial government make investments in essential infrastructure, like the downtown loop and all-day, two-way GO service on the Milton Line. The City has long advocated for both projects and is pleased to see them green lit to proceed.

SOURCE City of Mississauga

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