MiWay Service Changes Effective January 8, 2024

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The following is the Mississauga Miway public transit service changes effective on January 8, 2024.

Route 66 McLaughlin will operate more frequently, Route 18 McLaughlin-Derry will have a new on-street bus stop at Sheridan College (Brampton), Route 20 Rathburn will be revised to end at City Centre Transit Terminal, and there will be added trips on some routes and schedule adjustments on several routes.

More frequent weekday service on Route 66 McLaughlin

Route 66 McLaughlin will operate more frequently on weekdays to alleviate customer overcrowding due to increased customer demand between Sheridan College (Davis Campus) and the City Centre Transit Terminal.

On weekdays, the route will operate every 10 minutes from 11 am to 2 pm and every 8 minutes from 2 pm to 7 pm.

Please check for updated schedules. 

Route 18: new on-street bus stop at Sheridan College in Brampton

To improve service reliability, Route 18 McLaughlin-Derry will service a new on-street bus stop on McLaughlin Road at Sheridan College Drive (bus stop #6626), close to the main entrance of the Sheridan College Davis Campus in Brampton. This route will no longer travel inside the campus to prevent bus congestion inside the campus terminal.

The campus terminal will continue to be served by Route 61 Mavis, and the Route 66 McLaughlin that will operate more frequently on weekdays.

Customers can connect with Brampton Transit service at McLaughlin Road at Steeles Avenue (bus stop #6628).

Revised routing on Route 20 Rathburn

To improve service reliability and eliminate service duplication along Rathburn Road with Route 9 Rathburn-Thomas, Route 20 Rathburn will be revised to end at the City Centre Transit Terminal (CCTT). This route will no longer travel to Erindale GO Station. At CCTT, customers can board Route 20 at Platform O.

Alternative route options for those who need to travel along Rathburn Road, west of the City Centre Transit Terminal or to Erindale GO Station, include:

  • Route 9 Rathburn-Thomas to Erindale GO Station
  • Routes 38 Creditview and 38A Creditview-Argentia along Creditview Road

Platform Changes at Meadowvale Town Centre Transit Terminal

Route 39 Britannia will move to Platform D at Meadowvale Town Centre Transit Terminal to accommodate 60-foot articulated buses. Route 38 Creditview/38A Creditview-Argentia will move to Platform E.

New trips added due to high customer demand

The routes below will have additional service based on ridership growth:

  • 8 Cawthra: new weekday southbound trips at 7:25 am and 2:31 pm from the City Centre Transit Terminal.
  • 10 Bristol-Britannia: new weekday southbound trip at 7:19 am from Meadowvale Town Centre, plus new northbound trips at 2:15 pm and 2:41 pm from the City Centre Transit Terminal.
  • 13 Glen Erin: new weekday northbound trip at 2:12 pm from Clarkson GO Station.
  • 35 Eglinton: will now operate every 28 minutes (instead of every 35 minutes) throughout the day on Sundays.
  • 44 Mississauga Road: new weekday southbound trips at 7:45 am and 9:22 am from Meadowvale Town Centre. And new weekday northbound trips at 8:31 am and 4:13 pm from University of Toronto Mississauga.

Service to high schools resumes

300-series routes to high schools will resume service on Monday, January 8.

Students can view a list of all the bus routes that travel to their school.

Schedule adjustments

Schedule adjustments will be made on the routes below to improve service reliability as traffic and ridership patterns continue to evolve throughout the city.

MiWay will make further schedule adjustments as needed to ensure that services remain responsive to customer needs.

  • 1 Dundas (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday)
  • 3 Bloor (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 10 Bristol Britannia (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 15 Drew (weekdays)
  • 28 Confederation (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday)
  • 34 Credit Valley (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday)
  • 35 Eglinton (weekdays)
  • 42 Derry (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday)
  • 43 Matheson-Argentia (weekdays)
  • 45 Winston Churchill (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 48 Erin Mills (weekdays, Saturday and Sunday)
  • 57 Courtneypark (weekdays)
  • 66 McLaughlin (weekdays)
  • 87 Meadowvale-Skymark (weekdays)
  • 90 Terragar-Copenhagen Loop (weekdays)
  • 101 Dundas Express (weekdays)

Please check for updated schedules. 

Holiday service

On Family Day, Monday, Feb. 19, 2024, buses will operate on a holiday schedule.

These routes will operate at a reduced frequency:

  • 17 Hurontario
  • 23 Lakeshore

These routes will not operate due to low customer demand:

  • 28 Confederation
  • 46 Tenth Line-Osprey
  • 48 Erin Mills

These service changes help deliver these MiWay 5 service plan benefits:

  • Stronger corridors to support a grid network
  • More frequent service on main corridors
  • More service outside of weekday rush hours
  • Direct connections between major transit hubs
  • Improved connectivity with major employment areas
  • Improved connectivity with colleges and universities
  • Improved connectivity with neighbouring communities

Learn more about the MiWay 5 Transit Service Plan.

Next planned service change – February, 26, 2024.

SOURCE City of Mississauga

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