Neighbourhood Coffee Launches Canada’s First Ever Fully Biodegradable Single-Serve Coffee Pods

Company's artisanal, micro-roasted coffee is now available in 100% compostable capsules for major single-serve coffee models

In addition to Canada’s first-ever, fully compostable, single-serve coffee pods, Neighbourhood Coffee Company’s artisanal coffee is available in ground or whole bean bags in a variety of small batch, slow-roasted blends, each one named after and representative of a unique neighbourhood in Toronto. (CNW Group/Neighbourhood Coffee Incorporated)

TORONTO, /CNW/ – Neighbourhood Coffee Company, a women-led, Toronto-based purveyor of premium artisanal coffee, is excited to announce the trailblazing launch of its fully compostable, single-serve coffee pod—the first of its kind in Canada. Crafted entirely with plant-based materials and offering superior volume versus traditional plastic capsules, Neighbourhood Coffee’s biodegradable pods are compatible with all KeurigTM single-serve coffee machine models.

“With sustainability always top of mind at Neighbourhood Coffee, we’re charting a green path forward and are thrilled to be the first roaster in Canada to offer 100% biodegradable (KeurigTM compatible) coffee pods that break down in a matter of weeks versus the hundreds of years required for plastic capsules,” said Karen Hales, Co-Founder and CEO of Neighbourhood Coffee. “This is a proud milestone for our small, local business. By making our small-batch, premium coffee available in compostable K-cups, we are marrying innovation with sustainability while still delivering the vibrant micro-roasted flavours Neighbourhood Coffee is known for.”

Neighbourhood Coffee’s pods are developed and fulfilled by Nexe Innovations, offering proven sustainability thanks to five years of science-backed testing. Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified, the quick composting, plant-based pods take as little as 17 to 25 days to break down in industrial composting and pack a punch with superior capacity (up to 15% more volume).

Neighbourhood Coffee’s premium coffee is offered in ground or whole bean bags in a variety of slow-roasted blends, each one named after and representative of a unique neighbourhood in Toronto. The Company’s eco-friendly capsules are currently available in two of its most popular flavours: Medium-Dark Roast Signature Blend and Annex Artisanal Espresso Roast, retailing for $15.99 per box of 12.

“Like different coffee blends have their own flavour, every neighbourhood in Toronto has its own character, vibe and sense of community,” Ms. Hales continued. “Our little coffee company is about honouring just that—it’s about celebrating Toronto’s vibrant diversity and distinct communities with every cup of our artisanal coffee.”

In keeping with its mission to celebrate and give back to the diverse, local community, Neighbourhood Coffee regularly collaborates with other small businesses to offer artisanal product bundles. Each bag and box of coffee features work from local artists, and the company is also very active in supporting local causes and charities.

All Neighbourhood Coffee’s products are available for purchase and delivery on its website at as well as in select retailers across Toronto.

SOURCE Neighbourhood Coffee Incorporated

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