Perspective: NAFTA and Trump

American, Canadian and Mexico flag about NAFTA

Since assuming office president Donald Trump has been embarking on a path that leads to destruction of current relationships.   In his rather strange campaign he ran n the promise to build a wall between the Mexicans and the USA and to force the Mexicans to pay for same.  This was rebuffed by the proud Mexican people …yes their have been border violations but the Mexicans have been doing mainly the menial jobs that ordinary Americans are reluctant to take up as meaningful employment.

President Trump also promised to sever links with established legally binding trade agreements … like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  In our perspective we think this is shortsighted and shows how he lacks vision.  Canada is the USA’S closest neighbour and even the Bible reminds us to live good at all times with ones neighbour.  If you cannot live god with those you can see, then how can you expect to honour who or that which you cannot see?
Canada is a rich vast country with ol reserves, Lumber and other mineral resources that the USA needs and has been using for years.  It is very cost effective to trade with the USA … just a cross border transit.  Language is the same apart from French which is one of the two official languages …the other is English.
Why would Trump want to disturb such an arrangement which is best described as a match made in heaven.
President Trump bemoaned the fact that he never knew that the presidency was so much work.  He had no prior political experience and this fact is glaring to say the least.  He should know the value of apprenticeship as he ran such a reality show on national TV.  For Americans to have elected such an inexperienced person to the highest office in the land speaks volumes. Enough said …
We say to Trump, Leave NAFTA alone …it is not broke …
To Canada and Trudeau, we say stand up and protect your sovereignty …
This is our Perspective, what is yours?
Hopeton O’Connor-Denne SIC for GTA Weekly
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  1. We do support the opportunity for dialogue as advocated by the American Business Council that the rennegotion of NAFTA will afford. Review of any agreement is healthy as nothing is ever cast in stone. Only death cannot be renegotiated … only in the Bible there is Resurrection.
    We hope the talks will be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect for each other’s position and sovereignty
    …it cannot be one sided …that would be madness to say rhe least.

    Hopeton O’Connor_Dennie

  2. Do not misunderstand my commentary …NAFTA is not dead or on life support.

    NAFTA is alive and well … it is not broke… full stop! Hopeton O’Connor_Dennie

  3. Please note that I am referring to a statement by the Canadian American Business Council … The is their proper title. My regrets for any possible misunderstanding. My views/position remain as posted in my comments.

    Hopeton O’Connor_Dennie is SIC gta & Vision Newspaper.

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