Plan Your Year-End Vacation with Taman Safari Bali

Safari journey at Taman Safari Bali

DENPASAR, Indonesia, /PRNewswire/ — As the end of the year approaches, the holiday season is one that many people look forward to. For those looking for an unforgettable vacation experience, Taman Safari Bali is the ideal destination to end the year with great fun and adventure. It’s not just another amusement park, but a place that combines the beauty of nature and direct interaction with wildlife.

An Amazing Safari Experience
Taman Safari Bali offers more than just the usual safari experience. Visitors can try the Safari Journey, a special tram ride around three different regions: IndonesiaIndia and Africa. This approximately 30-minute journey allows visitors to get up close to the animals.

Taman Safari Bali also involves a Private Safari with a 4×4 Jeep. Visitors can explore the beauty of wildlife on a private safari in a Jeep. With these various options, Taman Safari Bali provides different experiences, from tram rides to more intimate adventures with wild animals in their natural environment.

Fun Family Activities
Taman Safari Bali is the place for families. Various activities such as interacting with animals, feeding giraffes, elephants, meerkats and rabbits can be enjoyed together. Educational animal shows such as the Animal Presentation, Tiger Presentation, and Elephant Presentation also add to children’s knowledge of the animal world. Taman Safari Bali has a unique accommodation, the Mara River Safari Lodge. Visitors can stay overnight while watching the animals from the window and enjoy a breakfast experience with the lions at Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

New Destinations at The Amazing Taman Safari Bali
For travelers visiting during the year-end holidays, don’t miss Varuna, Taman Safari Bali’s newest destination. Varuna invites guests to explore the enchanting underwater world with spectacular theater performances and international gastronomy. It will open in December 2023.

Christmas and New Year Activities
Christmas and New Year activities will be unforgettable moments when celebrating at Taman Safari Bali. On December 24 and 25, there will be an amazing “Jungle Bell” event with fun games, live music, and a special Christmas dinner at Tsavo Lion Restaurant. There are various activities you can engage in to make your night memorable. On December 31, DJs and various exciting activities will grace the night at Night Safari.

Don’t miss the special event on January first, and experience more exciting activities. Let’s visit Taman Safari Bali, and get special offer on Have a great Year-End Holiday!

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