Making political fundraising events more open and transparent

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The Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of Democratic Institutions, introduced Bill C-50 earlier today that, if passed, would make political fundraising more open and transparent for Canadians. Providing Canadians with more information about political fundraising events will continue to enhance trust and confidence in our democratic institutions.

Canada already has one of the most robust systems in the world when it comes to the financing of political entities. This includes strict spending limits, a cap on annual donations, and banning corporate and union donations. Canadians want to know more about how political fundraising is conducted, and if passed, Bill C-50 would give Canadians, and the media, more information than ever before about political fundraising events.

If passed, Bill C-50 would:

  • apply to all fundraising events involving Cabinet Ministers including the Prime Minister, party leaders and leadership contestants of parties with a seat in the House of Commons;
  • require any fundraiser involving one or more of these leaders to be advertised at least 5 days in advance;
  • require political parties to report the names and addresses of those who attended the fundraiser within 30 days to Elections Canada, who will in turn make the information publicly available online; and
  • apply to any event where more than $200 is required to attend.

Making political fundraising more open and transparent is part of the Government of Canada’s ongoing commitment to improving, strengthening and protecting Canada’s democratic institutions.


“We are shining the light on political fundraising events and making our already strong and robust rules more open and transparent. Bill C-50 will give Canadians more information than ever before; they will know who is going to fundraisers, when they are happening and where, and the amount required to attend.”
‑ Honourable Karina Gould, Minister of Democratic Institutions

Quick Facts

  • At the national level, Canadian citizens and permanent residents can contribute a maximum of $1,550 annually to a registered party.
  • Elections Canada publishes the name and address of contributors of more than $200. The agency receives information about contributors under $200, but that information is not published.
  • Choosing to financially support a political party is the right of all Canadians. In 2015, the average contribution for all political entities was $207.

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