Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi

Prime Minister meets with Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi

Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Mayor of Edmonton, Amarjeet Sohi, to discuss shared priorities.

The Prime Minister and the Mayor discussed the importance of Indigenous-led housing in Edmonton, and how the city could best direct funding from the $4 billion that will be made available through the upcoming Urban, Rural and Northern Indigenous Housing Strategy. They also discussed affordable housing and Edmonton’s broader housing needs, and talked about how federal funding can help bridge the housing gap for people in the city, the province, and across the country.

The two leaders agreed that all orders of government must work together on reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples, public transit, net-zero emissions, homelessness, substance abuse, and supporting mental health.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Mayor Sohi looked forward to remaining in close contact and committed to continue the effective partnership between the Government of Canada and the City of Edmonton.


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