Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Prince Edward Island Premier Dennis King

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Prince Edward Island Premier Dennis King discuss priorities

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Premier of Prince Edward Island, Dennis King, to discuss shared priorities. The leaders’ meeting followed a federal announcement, earlier in the day, of investments to create more spaces and support early childhood educators in the province.

The Prime Minister and the Premier discussed their continued commitment to working together to address affordability concerns for Islanders, including the Confederation Bridge and ferry tolls. They spoke about progress being made on clean energy and a resilient economy, and their shared commitment to working together to improve health care systems for Islanders and all Canadians. The two leaders also spoke about the post-Hurricane Fiona recovery on P.E.I., including damages incurred during the storm and ongoing collaboration to increase the resilience of P.E.I.’s infrastructure against the impacts of future extreme weather events.

The two leaders discussed infrastructure and the unique needs in the Atlantic region. They also emphasized the importance of working together to find solutions to address housing challenges.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier King agreed to remain in close contact and committed to continue the effective partnership between the Government of Canada and the Government of Prince Edward Island.


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