Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with Quebec Premier François Legault

Photo: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Quebec Premier Francois Legault

Yesterday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with the Premier of Quebec, François Legault.

The Prime Minister and the Premier discussed asylum seekers, temporary immigration, health care funding, and strategic investments for Quebec’s economy.

The two leaders agreed that Quebec has done more than its share in welcoming asylum seekers. They also recognized the importance of continuing to work together so that current global migration flows have as little impact on Quebec as possible. Prime Minister Trudeau indicated that the Government of Canada will continue to ensure that the arrival of asylum seekers in Quebec is managed well and appropriately funded. He also highlighted measures that the federal government has put in place in this regard, such as a cap on the number of international students arriving in Canada and the partial reinstatement of visa requirements for Mexican nationals, which has already reduced the number of asylum seekers arriving in Quebec.

The Prime Minister and the Premier discussed immigration and the high volume of temporary residents in Quebec, including the need to reduce it to a reasonable level while ensuring the labour needs of the province and of Quebec businesses continue to be met. Prime Minister Trudeau also indicated his willingness to add French language requirements for certain categories of temporary immigration under the jurisdiction of the Government of Canada.

The leaders underlined their shared priorities on health care. They noted they were confident that, by March 31, their governments would reach agreements that respect Quebec’s jurisdiction and the priorities of Quebecers.

Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier Legault also agreed on the importance of continuing to pursue strategic investments that encourage economic growth and job creation in Quebec. They agreed to continue working together to ensure that projects of importance for both governments could move forward.


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