Social Media’s Hottest Food Creator is Becoming A Household Name

Tineke Younger

NEW YORK,  /PRNewswire/ — Tineke Younger (@tinekeyounger), known by everyone as “Tini”, is America’s fastest-growing food creator. She has her own YouTube show on Gordon Ramsey’s platform Bite, and is getting the type of brand interest very few social media food creators ever experience. At only 22, the world is moving fast for Tineke. The recently engaged Baltimore native, now living in Georgia, has created some of the most viral content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  TikTok helped Tineke find her voice.

In 2019, Tineke joined a culinary program at her local technical center and fell in love with cooking instantly. She knew she had a passion for cooking and it gave her the courage to share her recipes online.

In a recent post, Tini created her famous Holiday Mac n’ Cheese recipe which went viral and has caught the attention of millions of people.  This single TikTok video has over 70 million views, 8.8 million likes, and around 50,000 comments which is unheard of today.  The engagement on this one video had more views than most major food networks have in a month.

Tini’s social media audience has ballooned because of her relatability and simplicity of recipes that everyone wants to try.  Her current community consists of:

  • TikTok: 5.9 million followers growing by one million over the last 14 days
  • Facebook: 835,000
  • Instagram: 709,000

Tini’s YouTube show, From Scratch with Tini, on Gordon Ramsey’s Bite platform has over 1 million views to date and is growing fast.  Everything she makes is authentic and done from scratch. Tini shares insightful tips and tricks for cooking delicious food in a very attainable, friendly manner.  Tini sees social media as an incredible insight to her fan base. “I love my followers so much.  They live like me, they look like me, and they want to upgrade what they do in the kitchen for a reasonable cost.  I try to inspire men and women to utilize food to make each other happy and spend time together like I do with my fiance’ Antoine.”

Tini has worked with brands big and small from Tabasco, Bloom, Hello Fresh, OLIPOP, Pepper the App, and others.  As Tini’s community grows, so do her partnership opportunities.

Tini’s representative Evan Morgenstein, CEO of The Digital Renegades, sees a shift in the marketplace with food creators. “Before brands wanted to “test” one post by a creator like Tini.  Now brands are discussing long-term partnerships that include creating content for her social media accounts, the brand’s accounts, and unique content so the company can utilize her viral content in an advertising buys that creates massive traffic. Someone like Tini takes the guesswork out of developing viral content that will be seen by millions because her audience and the platforms’ algorithms love her.”

As a graduate of a respected cooking school, Tini has spent years perfecting her recipes. The future is incredibly exciting for Tini as she moves into the next phase of her life.

If you are a company or brand interested in discussing a partnership with Tini, please email Evan Morgenstein CEO of The Digital Renegades

SOURCE CelebExperts

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