Statement by the Prime Minister on Easter

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau delivers his 2021 Virtual Easter Message

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on Easter:

“Today, millions of Christians in Canada and around the world will celebrate Easter to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and reflect on his message of hope, forgiveness, compassion, and redemption.

“This will be the second Easter where the global COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to celebrate differently. For many that means being isolated from family, friends, and loved ones, or having to miss annual Easter egg hunts. For others it means not being able to attend church service, or having to skip community gatherings this year. I know this is difficult – and that celebrations are not the same over Zoom or on the phone – but together we will find ways to reflect on Jesus’ life and find renewed inspiration in his generosity, sacrifice, and wisdom.

“Since the start of the global pandemic, Christian Canadians of all backgrounds have shown acts of compassion and kindness, helping their fellow Canadians by donating to food banks, volunteering to assist people impacted by COVID-19, and demonstrating what it means to love our neighbours as ourselves.

“Now, with the start of spring signalling renewal, I invite all Canadians of all faiths and backgrounds to look forward with optimism. Together, we will get through this crisis, and we will continue to build a better Canada that is fairer, stronger, and more resilient.

“As we celebrate with our family, Sophie and I wish all those marking this special occasion a blessed and joyful Easter.”

SOURCE:  Office of the PMO

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