Statement from Minister of the Status of Women on International Women’s Day

Today, Harinder Malhi, Minister of the Status of Women, issued the following statement:

“As Ontario’s Minister of the Status of Women, I am pleased to recognize International Women’s Day, a day where the world stands together to support women’s equality and empowerment. International Women’s Day is an important recognition of the remarkable women, both past and present, who have helped build our society. It is also a moment to acknowledge the work that remains to ensure all women can benefit from a fair and equal society.

The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Press for Progress. This is a call to action for everyone to press forward and lead the way towards positive change, and build on the progress of the many activists, advocates and allies who came before us.

Over the past two weeks, our government has pressed for progress by launching two major strategies — It’s Never Okay: Ontario’s Gender-based Violence Strategy and Then, Now, Next: Ontario’s Strategy for Women’s Economic Empowerment.

The Gender-based Violence Strategy builds on our long-standing leadership and commitment to create a province free from domestic and sexual violence. The strategy will help survivors and families get the support they need, as well as help to prevent violence by intervening early.

The Women’s Economic Empowerment Strategy is the first comprehensive strategy of its kind in Canada. Premier Kathleen Wynne this week launched the sweeping action plan along with new legislation that makes Ontario the first province to tackle pay transparency as part of our plan for a fairer, better Ontario. This strategy will help build a more inclusive economy by removing systemic barriers and biases so that all women can find economic success no matter what path they choose.

As minister of Ontario’s first standalone Ministry of the Status of Women, I want to reaffirm our government’s commitment to ending gender based violence and to achieving gender equality. Our government remains committed to pursuing gender equality every day of the year, but International Women’s Day is an important reminder of all the work still ahead of us.”


Victoria Stacey
Minister’s Office

Denelle Balfour
Communications Branch

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