Sunrays Farmstead Inc. Embarks on the Production of “Ray of Hope”

Screenshot from film "Ray of Hope"

TORONTO ON – Sunrays Farmstead Inc. is thrilled to announce its latest cinematic endeavor, “Ray of Hope,” a compelling documentary project that delves into the collective immigrant experiences of displaced Tamil people from Sri Lanka. This poignant narrative follows their relentless quest for identity and nationhood, stemming from their escape during the prolonged armed conflict in Sri Lanka, which culminated in the harrowing events of 2009. The diaspora’s impassioned plea for foreign intervention serves as the backdrop for this stirring tale of hope and resilience.

Ray of Hope” has garnered the support of esteemed partners, including Broadcaster Tamil Entertainment Television, generous funding from CMF, and contributions from CMPA through their Diverse Producers Mentorship Program. Additionally, the Oya Black Arts Coalition Career Bridge has joined hands in this remarkable journey.  This extraordinary documentary was nurtured through various programs and institutes, including the Doc Institute Breakthrough program, Reelworld Screen Institute, Oya Black Arts Coalition Scale Up program, and NSI BIPOC Producer’s Program, in association with EAVE.

Sunrays Farmstead Inc. has actively engaged with the community to ensure the authenticity and depth of “Ray of Hope.” Consultations were held with the Canadian Tamil Association, the Canadian Centre for Victims of Violence, Immigrant Women in Business, Tamil Rights Group, and The Canadian Tamil Cinema Enhancement Organization, who have recently come on board as consulting producers for the project.

Anchored by Rathika Sitsabaiesan, a former Canadian Member of Parliament and a mentee of the late Jack Layton is the Heart of “Ray of Hope“:   “Ray of Hope” features an ensemble cast, including Collins P, Sutha Shan, Maya D’Elia, and many others. These diverse voices seamlessly weave together history, politics, the scenic beauty of Sri Lanka, the horrors of war, their rich culture, and their longing for home. In the process, the documentary captures the indomitable spirit of the diasporic Tamil community as they strive to triumph over adversity.  “Ray of Hope” boasts a talented creative team led by first-time feature documentary writer-director Ryan Singh, mentored by the experienced Nikila Cole. The project is produced by Ryan Singh in collaboration with Patricia Scarlett and executive produced by Nikila Cole, Roger Singh, Kirk Taylor, Vijai Sankar, and Dayana Stanislaus, who also serves as the cultural consultant for the project.

Principal photography for “Ray of Hope” has been successfully completed, and the documentary is set to touch hearts and inspire minds when it hits the screens in 2024.
Ray of Hope” promises to be an unforgettable cinematic journey that sheds light on the enduring spirit of the Tamil diaspora. Sunrays Farmstead Inc. invites audiences around the world to join us on this remarkable odyssey of hope, resilience, and the pursuit of identity.

SOURCE Sasha Stoltz Publicity

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  1. Congratulations and thank you to Ryan Singh for producing this Documentory. Ryan has been working hard on this project for a long time overcoming many obstacles, never gave up on his relentless pursuit to tell the Tamil people’s story to the mainstream audience. Wish him well and a successful release in 2024.

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