Tag’s Food & Beverage Experts Reveal 2024 Flavor & Trends Forecast

Wild Not Mild: Spicy foods offer a sensory adventure that awakens taste buds, providing a thrilling dining experience.

TORONTO and NEW YORK,  /PRNewswire/ — The Hot Plate, Tag’s Food and Beverage Center of Excellence for brands and agencies, has released its 2024 Flavor & Trends Forecast. The report shares flavorful highlights of the latest ingredients, cooking techniques, and culinary ideas predicted to drive innovation in the food and beverage industry in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

Here’s a taste of the top trends that made the highly craved forecast for 2024:

  • Supreme Flake: The croissant, known for its traditional layers and flaky texture, has become a canvas for artistic reinterpretation with its multiple flakey layers and decadent fillings.
  • Wild Not Mild: Beyond its tantalizing heat, spicy foods offer a sensory adventure, awakening taste buds and triggering endorphin rushes, providing a thrilling dining experience.
  • Balkan Cuisine: The fusion of Mediterranean, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern influences create a sensational medley of tastes, attracting food enthusiasts who seek adventure.

“Because the culinary world is becoming more global and is ever evolving, understanding future palate preferences is pivotal for F&B brands to stay ahead of the curve,” shares Andrea Flanders, Tag Canada Chief Client Officer. She continues, “Our 2024 Flavor & Trends Forecast is a valuable resource, brimming with insights, data, and innovative trends that will help revolutionize the culinary, experiential landscape in 2024.”

This year’s forecast also features four ‘petits fours’ or bite-size trends that deserve attention, such as Climatarian Diet and Generative AI, which made the list. Each of the four trends has great potential to affect the future of food; for example, AI is already revolutionizing the food industry with AI-developed recipes and flavor profiles.

“This is hands-down one of my favorite thought leadership initiatives our team develops each year,” adds Olivia McCormack, Vice-President, Business Development. “Andrea and I both have had the pleasure of seeing them in action for nearly a decade now, and their culinary expertise, creativity and quality is truly unmatched.” Flanders chimes in, “Of course, I am a little biased, but there’s good reason why over 900 food and beverage brands and agencies choose to partner with us for their content marketing. My best word of advice? If you plan to visit our Toronto office and test kitchen, come hungry!”

View the 2024 Flavor and Trends Forecast here and contact us for more information.

SOURCE Tag Worldwide (USA) Inc

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