Temescal Wellness Launches Perch Harvests, Effect-Based Cannabis Flower to Help Consumers Navigate the Cannabis Purchasing Process

The Line Aims to Set a New Standard in Cannabis Flower by Elevating the Industry’s #1 Selling Method of Use

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.Sept. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Temescal Wellness, the life cannabis company, is today announcing the launch of Perch Harvests, a cannabis flower line aimed at simplifying the cannabis purchasing process for consumers. Elevating flower, the industry’s most popular product, the new line is broken down into three core categories known as Perch Effects – Nest, Hover and Fly – and is grouped based on each product’s reported effects and its potential benefits versus its traditional arbitrary strain name.

True to Temescal Wellness’ mission of giving everyday people safe, plant-based choices to help them celebrate life’s highs, navigate life’s lows and be healthier and happier every day, Perch Harvests allows consumers to better understand cannabis offerings and decide precisely what’s right for them. A curated experience that was once reserved only for more modern methods of use such as vape cartridges, Temescal Wellness has analyzed reported effects, genetic lineage, feedback from guests and third party terpene testing results to provide a wide range of flower options based on three unique Perch Effects, which include:

  1. Nest – Comprised of options meant to relax, mellow and calm users, Nest is for anyone looking to unwind with a good book or movie after a long day – and is popular for individuals yearning for a “couch-lock” sensation. This is most notably the Indica-Dominant varietals (i.e. the strains that typically provide a sense of deep body relaxation), often having higher amounts of the terpenes Linalool and Myrcene.
  2. Hover – Hover will feature strains that have a  balance of relaxation and mood enhancement from their consumer’s reported effects. Containing a variety of hybrids, Hover is a great option for those who’re not looking for a particular overarching effect but  may want the flexibility to consume cannabis on their own schedule.
  3. Fly –  Reported to have an energizing and motivating effect, this Perch Effect may help stimulate creativity while providing a euphoric mood booster. This effect will contain a majority of the Sativas (i.e. cannabis strains that tend to provide a more energizing experience) in each harvest.

“Temescal Wellness recognizes that the cannabis purchasing experience can be an overwhelming and intimidating process and we believe there is a clear consumer demand to innovate traditional flower,” says Ted Rebholz, Founder and CEO of Temescal Wellness. “With the recreational cannabis industry anticipated to surpass $100 billion by 2023, and flower remaining the most sought after product, we view Perch Harvests as an incredible growth opportunity for our brand while also furthering our mission of amplifying the happiness and health everyday people experience with extraordinary quality, non-addictive, 100% lab tested, plant-based cannabis products.”

Competitive with traditional cannabis offerings, Perch Harvests will be available for purchase in 1/8 oz containers for $48(plus tax) with guests having the ability to purchase up to the state of Massachusetts’ legal limit of 1 oz of flower. For more information on Temescal Wellness, visit ma.temescalwellness.com.

About Temescal Wellness   
Temescal Wellness is the life cannabis company. Temescal Wellness offers a diverse choice of extraordinary quality, non-addictive, 100% lab tested, plant-based cannabis products (edibles, flower, concentrates, pre-roll), along with the personal guidance to help amplify the happiness and health everyday people experience no matter where they are on life’s journey. There is little healthy about using prescription drugs and/or alcohol for medical or recreational purposes and in many cases it’s dangerous and addictive. Temescal Wellness gives everyday people safe, plant-based choices to help them celebrate life’s highs, navigate life’s lows and be healthier and happier every day. Follow Temescal Wellness on Twitter @MATemescal, Instagram @Temescalwellness.ma and Facebook @temescalmass.

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