Tether Engages Budtenders Across Canada for its Annual Budtender Appreciation Week

Budtender Appreciation Week is coming March 25-31, 2024

Toronto, (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tether, a leading name in the Canadian cannabis industry, is preparing for a week’s worth of events in honour of the third annual Budtender Appreciation Week (“B-Week”), an initiative created to recognize and celebrate the contributions of cannabis retail workers across Canada. This year’s events promise to be bigger than ever, featuring sampling events in Vancouver, BC, Oakville, ON, and Edmonton, AB through March 24-31, 2024.

As part of Tether’s commitment to fostering a thriving cannabis community, the organization emphasizes the significant role that Budtenders play in shaping consumer preferences and driving market trends. Through initiatives like Budtender Appreciation Week, Tether aims to empower Budtenders to become authentic advocates for cannabis products, leveraging their expertise to bridge the gap between consumers and cannabis brands. By collaborating with brands and providing Budtenders with opportunities for education and community building, Tether envisions a future where mutual success is achieved.

Leveraging its community of close to 5,000 Budtenders and retail decision-markers, Tether has curated a week-long series of opportunities that include retail visits and educational sampling events.

B-Week 2024 Schedule of Events
Sunday, March 24: Vancouver Sampling Event at The Beaumont Studios
Wednesday, March 27: Oakville Sampling Event at the 707 Galaxy Club
Thursday, March 28: Edmonton Sampling Event at Pioneers Cabin
March 24-31: Retail store visits in ON and BC from the Tether team

“Green Hedge and our portfolio of brands are proud to be a part of Tether’s Budtender Appreciation Week at events across Canada,” says Steve Crichton, Director of Education & Corporate Development at Green Hedge. “The Tether team has been incredible to work with and is championing brand activation and Budtender engagement. We could not be more thrilled to participate in these upcoming events and look forward to connecting with Budtenders across the country, sharing knowledge and educational samples.”

Tether’s B-Week sampling events are already generating excitement with a lineup of beloved partners that include 40 Acre Blends, ADCANN, Axis Insurance, Antidote Processing, Blunt Botanicals, Boxcar, Bud Lafleur, Cannabis MarketSpace, CannabisNewsWire, Cannabis Prospect Magazine, Cannabis Retailer, Cheap & Cheerful, Choklit Park, Coast Mountain Cannabis, F.A.A.F.O. Cannabis Co., Farm & Florist, Fuego, Glacial Gold, Greenhouse Print, Green Mile Original, Green Monke, Grow Up Conferences & Expo, High Plains, Kinloch Wellness, Lasqueti Cannabis Corp, Lune Rise Farms, MillRite and EPIC by Greenway, NightNight CBNPrimeau Cannabis, Primo, Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Rosebud Farms Ltd., Roxton Air, Smokin’ Joe’s, StratCann, Sweet Justice, Tasty’s, Terra Labs, Thumbs Up, Token Naturals, Valhalla FLWR, Value BudsVictoria Cannabis CompanyVIP Media GroupWest Blvd, West Coast Gifts, Wink, WYLD, Weathered Islands, Wildcard Extracts, XPLOR and more.

To become a B-Week Partner, please contact ddias@marigoldpr.com. To stay up to date with event details and brand announcements, follow @tetherbuds on Instagram.

Attendance at Tether’s B-Week events is strictly limited to those who meet the minimum age in their province or territory. Pre-registration is required to guarantee your spot.

Sampling opportunities will be reserved exclusively for Budtenders and Retailers. Industry professional tickets are available but limited.

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