THE MOST AMAZING DEPARTMENT STORE (a novel) by Sharon Neiss-Arbess


Stepping onto the floor of Sunderland’s means stepping into a whole new glamorous world for two women whose lives and loves are forever changed by their time working at the famous Department Store in downtown Montreal in the 1940s and 1950s.

Sunderland’s is the place to be — The Mecca of Luxury — when shopping for a blouse, a pair of shoes, lipstick, or fragrance was met with displays of lavishness and luxuriousness, shoppers met with impeccable sales manners, and where women could spend entire days, enjoying a slice of independence acceptable during these eras.

After Lilly leaves her husband, she can’t believe her luck getting a job at Sunderland’s, where she finds more than the self-sufficiency she yearns for. She meets another Jewish woman, Vivian, a sharp-tongued, vivacious, whirlwind. They become best friends and face antisemitism, sexism, and rejection — all imposed on them, when Jews were not “normally” hired — while also testing the limits of their own very different ambitions.

When Vivian almost loses everything, she’s worked so hard for, and Lilly decides on a fresh start, the pair will never be the same. Their friendship might not survive, no matter how significant it played in their lives.

Inspired by Simpson’s Department Store, in Montreal, this charming and contemplative novel, where readers can’t help but root for these women, also serves as a prime reminder that dark forces can lurk

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