Top five Mother’s Day ideas to show love and affection

Photo Credit: Baskin-Robbins Canada

Top five Mother’s Day ideas to show love and affection

Mother’s Day is the great time to show deserving matriarchs in your life some gratitude. With Mother’s
Day this weekend, there is no shortage of nice gestures you can do to bring a smile to your mom’s face.
From getting takeout from your local restaurant and grocer, giving her a fresh bouquet of flowers to
virtual gifts, here is a roundup of the top ways you can show love and affection to your mom this
Mother’s Day.

1. Order takeout from a local restaurant or grocer

Photo Credit: Rabba Fine Foods

If your moms on deck to cook, express your gratitude with a delicious takeout meal from a local
neighbourhood market. Most grocery chains have specials that are worth looking at. Case in point,
Rabba Fine Foods has a promo in store for a family combo as part of its Rabba Kitchen hot table and
prepared meals. For $25.99, you can have a BBQ whole chicken (antibiotic and hormone free) from
Beretta Farms, medium wedges, two small sides, two-liter Pepsi products and a three-pack Lindt/Lindor

2. Gift a bouquet of flowers

Photo Credit: Pexel

There is no better way to show your mom your gratefulness than with a fresh bouquet of flowers. Of
course, your local florist has options but so do corner markets like Rabba Fine Foods. If your mom loves
potted plants, go for the potted flowers or Easter Lilies.

3. Order an ice cream cake

Photo Credit: Baskin-Robbins Canada

Got a mom with a sweet tooth? Gift them a Floral Cone Bouquet Cake from Baskin-Robbins Canada. The
cake features an edible bouquet of flowers, assortment of colours and pearl-beaded contour. Though
frozen, this newly launched cake was made to melt the heart of mothers. Like all of Baskin-Robbins’ cake
options, it can be customized with the flavours and cake base of your choice for a very evocative and
personalized Mother’s Day treat.

4. Donate to your local food bank

Photo Credit: Pexel


Show your grateful spirit this Mother’s Day and give back to those in need. There are a lot of families in
Toronto and the GTA that are battling food insecurity. Donating to local food banks such as The
Mississauga Food Bank and other local food banks will help individuals and families experiencing food
insecurity. Giving back in a meaningful way will not only make your mother be proud, but also make her
appreciate your caring nature.

5. Give a virtual gift

Photo Credit: Pexel

In this pandemic, we’re all looking to be creative. To make Mother’s Day special, surprise your mom
with virtual gifts. From beading workshop from Anice Jewelry, Dutch paint-pouring class from
A.naDesigns to virtual escape room experience from Looking Glass Adventures, these are some of the
activities you can do with your mom to help her celebrate Mother’s Day – even with restrictions this May.

For more ideas on activities you can do with your mother, check out the blog from Canadian
blogger Casey Palmer here.

SOURCE:  Samiha Fariha – Torchia Communications

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