Toronto Marks World Water Day, Celebrates 150 Years of Water Excellence

Mayor Chow Commemorates Toronto Water's Legacy and Advocates for Sustainable Management

World Water Day Graphics (image source: Water Ambassadors Canada)

Toronto, ON – In a ceremonial proclamation on Wednesday, Mayor Olivia Chow officially declared March 22 as World Water Day in Toronto, paying homage to the city’s rich history of water management and its pivotal role in safeguarding freshwater resources. The proclamation coincides with the commemoration of Toronto Water’s 150-year journey since its inception in 1874.

Highlighting the significance of this milestone, Mayor Chow underscored the vital role that Toronto Water has played in shaping the city’s infrastructure and ensuring access to safe drinking water, wastewater treatment, and stormwater management services for its residents and businesses. She emphasized the city’s commitment to upholding stringent standards in water quality, citing Toronto Water’s recent achievement of a perfect score in its Drinking Water Quality Management System re-accreditation audit, marking more than a decade of flawless compliance with provincial regulations.

“As a water-rich country, we are privileged to have access to clean and abundant freshwater resources,” remarked Mayor Chow. “Toronto boasts some of the finest drinking water in the world, straight from our taps, thanks to the unwavering dedication of Toronto Water over the past 150 years. Their commitment to excellence underscores our city’s commitment to public health, environmental sustainability, and quality of life.”

As part of the city’s World Water Day observance, the iconic Toronto Sign will be illuminated in blue on March 22, symbolizing solidarity with the United Nations’ global initiative to promote awareness about freshwater conservation and sustainable water management practices.

Looking ahead, Toronto is set to host the prestigious International Water Association’s World Water Congress & Exhibition from August 11 to 15, attracting leading professionals and experts from across the globe to exchange insights and innovations in water management.

Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to visit the City’s Water & Environment webpage for more information on Toronto’s water initiatives and resources.

Toronto’s commemoration of World Water Day serves as a reminder of the critical importance of preserving and protecting freshwater resources for current and future generations, reaffirming the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

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