Winter is here! Be a good neighbour this snowy season

Person shoveling snow outdoors in the winter

When winter weather hits, we can all do our part to help keep each other safe, make snow clearing more efficient and support snow-clearing crews as they work.

Shovel early and often

Be a good neighbour and try to clear your sidewalk and driveway of snow and ice as soon as possible after a snowfall. This will allow others to travel safely, whether they’re going to work, essential appointments or getting some exercise. Shoveling early and often will also limit heavy snow buildup.

When shovelling, remember to clear around your furnace and hot water tank vents. Covered vents can be a carbon monoxide hazard. If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please clear around it so it’s visible to fire crews.

Consistent and heavy snowfall also make windrows an unpleasant but unavoidable part of winter. A windrow is a pile of snow left at the end of a driveway after street snow-clearing operations are completed. If you have space, try shoveling snow to the right side of your driveway so the plow blade doesn’t push it back onto your driveway when it passes.

Shovelling can be a lot of work. Take breaks, keep hydrated and dress appropriately.

If you can, lend a hand

Check in on your neighbours and consider offering to help those who may need help clearing their sidewalk or driveway.

Be smart with your salt use

Before applying any salt or de-icing materials to your walkway, sidewalk or driveway, clear any snow first and always use the materials as recommended by the manufacturer.

Remember that salt only works on ice and snow when the temperature is above -10° Celsius. Use alternatives like sand, grit, mulch, non-clumping kitty litter or treated salt (magnesium chloride) to add traction when the temperature is below -7° Celsius. Some of these options can even be swept up and reused.

Avoid flooding and icy conditions around your home

In cold weather, melting snow can’t be absorbed into frozen ground – this can contribute to flooding or icy conditions. Try to pile snow away from your home’s foundation and where melted water won’t flow across sidewalks or driveways, where it can freeze and become slippery.

Park vehicles in your driveway during snow clearing

Vehicles parked on residential streets make it hard for crews to clear the snow properly and efficiently. This can make it difficult for emergency vehicles to get through and for you to get in and out of your street.

When the City is plowing, avoid a parking ticket and help out our crews by parking your car in your driveway instead of on the street. Remember to remove sports equipment like basketball nets and garbage bins from your curb.

During snow clearing, the City may suspend temporary parking permits and new ones will not be issued. To find out if temporary parking permits have been cancelled, contact 311, follow @MississaugaSnow on X or visit

Be kind to crews clearing the way this winter

Please remember to treat snow-clearing crews and equipment with respect. Snow-clearing crews keep us all moving safely. They work around the clock to treat and clear Mississauga roads, sidewalks, bus shelters, parking lots and bike lanes. It’s a tough job. You may not know the person operating the plow, tractor or truck, but they are part of the community and should be able to work safely. Thank you for your patience and co-operation!

Stay up-to-date on snow clearing in Mississauga this winter:

  • Visit to learn more about the City’s snow-clearing operations.
  • Use the online snow plow tracker to view a map of the City’s snow-clearing routes and track the City’s fleet as it clears streets and sidewalks:
  • Follow @MississaugaSnow on X for timely snow-clearing updates.
  • Find out if on-street parking restrictions are in effect and if temporary parking permits are suspended due to a weather event.
  • Call 311 (905-615-4311 if outside city limits) for questions related to the City’s snow-clearing operations or to report a missed street after the level of service timelines have ended.
  • Follow @PeelPublicWorks on X for snow-clearing updates on Regional roads.

SOURCE City of Mississauga

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