Guinness superfan Momoa lands role of a lifetime, putting his production company, closest friends, and family to work in Guinness directorial debut

Screenshot of Jason Momoa in Guinness commercial

NEW YORK, /PRNewswire/ — What happens when an iconic beer joins forces with its biggest fan in the entire universe? This.

Introducing a years-in-the-making partnership between Guinness and star actor Jason Momoa. Starting today, brand new content  co-directed by and starring Momoa  will appear across digital and social media, with TV to follow on March 11.

“I’ve wanted to direct for Guinness for 12 years now,” said Momoa, who shot with Guinness in New Zealand, the location for his latest movie. “They have, in my opinion, the best commercials in the world. It was fun pitching this idea to them, they loved it; and now, it’s turned into a dream job.”

The personal connection to Guinness runs deep. Momoa and his production company, ON THE ROAM, produced the content and enlisted the people he loves most to create something amazing with the beer he loves most. Joining him in the new spot are close friends and even his mom, who handed Momoa his very first pint of Guinness when he turned 21 and appears in a special role.

“I loved it, I had a lot of fun,” said Coni Momoa. “It was my first acting experience, so I was a little nervous.”

The story begins with Momoa finding out he’s 2% Irish, and then in a way only he can, he spreads the word and ignites a joyful celebration along the way. From a sushi restaurant to a pub, from old to young, from very Irish to not Irish at all, Momoa shows that no matter who you are or where you’re toasting, there’s a Guinness for everyone.

“Finally working with Jason has been so special,” said Joyce He, Guinness US brand director. “For years, he’s been a huge fan of ours and of course we’re huge fans of his. But this is more than just another partnership: together with Jason, we are starting a new chapter in our iconic story that will bring Guinness to more people, places and celebrations. I can’t wait to keep sharing with the world what we already know: any day is a lovely day for a Guinness.”

“It’s been a decade-long dream to create a Guinness campaign. I’m excited to have the chance to do it side-by-side with Jason, our production company, ON THE ROAM, and the whole team at Guinness,” said Brian Mendoza, Momoa’s longtime creative partner, who co-directed and produced the content alongside him.

Although this is debuting just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Guinness “Lovely Day” campaign featuring Jason Momoa will run all year long, including new footage and variations. In addition to the TV airwaves, keep an eye on @GuinnessUS social handles and Jason’s channels for much more.

Wherever and whenever you’re celebrating throughout the year, do Jason Momoa proud and have the best pint, and the best time, with your family and friends  but remember to do it responsibly.


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