You can help by reporting fraud – be a scam-buster!


Don’t let fraudsters get away with it!

You are approached by someone you suspect is a fraudster – in person or in an email. The good news is that you’ve already taken the first step by recognizing a potential scam. The second step is rejecting it. But it’s equally important to report suspected scams to the Competition Bureau or one of its partners.

Be a scam-buster. Help us gather the evidence needed to stop criminals from defrauding others.

Think of the difference it would make if more people took that last step. Research has shown only five people in 100 who have been victims of fraudsters – or encounter them – actually report it. Our experience is that anyone can become a victim of fraud – no matter their age or education and that small amounts can add up to big sums that mean huge profits for scam artists if they are able to get away with fraud against a large number of people.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Take note of the name used by the person who approached you, what they were trying to get you to do and when it happened.
  • If it was by telephone, write down the phone number used.
  • If it was online, make a print-out or take a screen shot of the webpage, particularly pages that promote the product or service, any terms and conditions and payment information.
  • Try and get an exact copy of the webpage address.
  • If contacted by email, save a copy and take note of the IP address.

Other details that would help us take action include:

  • The search engine and search terms you used.
  • Whether you clicked on a banner ad.

The Competition Bureau urges Canadian consumers and businesses to take action and report fraud. It’s easy, confidential and you will be helping to make a difference in the lives of others.

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