Royal Canadian Mint launches new silver coin in honor of the centennial of the Calgary Victory Stampede

La pièce de collection en argent de la Monnaie royale canadienne marquant le 100e anniversaire du Stampede de la Victoire (Groupe CNW/Monnaie royale canadienne)

CALGARY , July 5 2019 / CNW / – One hundred years after Calgarians dedicated “The World’s Largest Outdoor Show” to Canadian soldiers returning from the battlefields of the First World War, the Mint launched a new silver coin commemorating the Victory Stampede, 1919. The exhibit was unveiled at the Stampede Park Military Kiosk, where members of the Canadian Armed Forces are honored.

“The Calgary Stampede is an unforgettable reminder of Alberta’s pioneering spirit and thriving western culture,” said Marie Lemay, President of the Royal Canadian Mint. “The year 2019 marks the 100 th  anniversary of the Victory Stampede and this piece honors the memory of the soldiers who defended our freedom and our values in the First World War. “

“The Victory Stampede of 1919 offered a place at the end of the Great War where everyone could gather and celebrate. A hundred years later, the Stampede continues to be a gathering place for our community, “said Dana Peers , Chair of the CalgaryStampede Board of Trustees . “Our history is a source of pride and the fact that it is immortalized on a commemorative coin makes us even more proud. “

The motif on the reverse of this 99.99% pure silver coin is the work of Michelle Grant, a Calgary artist . It makes all the excitement surrounding the roping test, one of the many activities then on the program of the Victory Stampede. During the last week of August 1919, the 57,000 Stampede spectators witnessed the prowess of cowboys and cowgirls in wild horse riding, lasso handling, Cossack acrobatics, relay races and other competitions. Building on the success of this historic event, the Calgary Stampede has become an annual tradition.

In the foreground of this iconic Stampede scene is a cowboy, with a selective gold veneer, galloping toward his target: with one hand he firmly holds the reins and the other he twirls a raw leather lasso, commonly used to catch cattle at the time. The very bead of the piece takes on the appearance of a lasso. In the background, admiring spectators occupy the original stage.

“Once again, the Canadian Army is sincerely honored to partner with the Stampede Calgary and the Royal Canadian Mint,” said Brigadier-General Stephen Lacroix, commander of the 3 th  Division Canada and Task Force (West), and Honorary Master of Ceremonies at the Stampede Parade. “We are touched by the support of Canadians from coast to coast and eager to highlight the 100 th  anniversary of the Stampede Calgary , like any good Albertan, as an” Army of the West. ” “

The $ 20 fine silver coin 2019 – Victory Stampede has a limited circulation of 6,500 and retails for $ 119.95. From July 5 to 7, the Royal Canadian Mint will be selling this coin along with many other fine collectibles at the BMO Marketplace in the heart of Stampede Park.

The Mint will also travel to Calgary to attend the 2019 conference of the Royal Numismatic Association Canada , to be held from July 18 to 20. She will exhibit and sell the Stampede de la Victoire coin and other fine collectibles. The Mint will also showcase some of the most exciting innovations from its R & D lab and hold a coin exchange, where visitors will have the chance to get their hands on the new Equality circulation coin, as well as the 75 th  anniversary coin For more information, visit .

The Victory Stamp coin can be obtained from the Mint at 1-800-267-1871 in Canada , 1-800-268-6468 in the United States, or by visiting . The coin is also sold in the Royal Canadian Mint stores in Ottawa and Winnipeg , as well as through its global network of dealers and distributors, including participating Canada Post locations.


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