150 Years, 150 Great Artists

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150 Years, 150 Great Artists. For the past 150 years, Canadian artists have represented us internationally, serving as cultural ambassadors. From the world famous to emerging talents, they have expressed Canadian values to the world, qualities such as inclusion, acceptance and love.

Now, on the occasion of Canada’s sesquicentennial, PAL Canada Foundation has launched a nation-wide campaign to pay tribute to the distinguished achievements and contribution of these celebrated artists. It will seek the “People’s Choice” of 150 top nominees. Singers Maureen Forrester, Leonard Cohen, Gordon Lightfoot, movie director Norman Jewison, composer/musician David Foster, actor Christopher Plummer, author Margaret Atwood and the artists of The Group of Seven are among the distinguished artists likely to be nominated.

As an integral part of Canada’s cultural scene, PAL Canada recognizes a need to contribute to the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, according to Jeff Braunstein, the organization’s president.

“What better way to recognize the industry we serve than by honoring our community of so many artists who have helped articulate Canada’s national identity,” he said. “Through their many talents, vision and imagination, they have given form to the multicultural country of which our founders dreamed.”

An individual can nominate multiple artists. To nominate a candidate, please provide PAL Canada with a testimonial (maximum 150 words) outlining the reason for your choice, and how the nominee meets the criteria. Criteria and guidelines can be found at: onefivezero.ca

Nominees will be viewable on our website, OneFiveZero.ca, where Canadians will be able to vote for their favourite artist. When voting closes on October 1, 2017, the artist with the most votes will be named PAL Canada’s OneFiveZero Artist of the Year.

Corporations can get involved by donating, nominating and promoting an artist. Rally staff to vote for your company’s nominee, and get that artist to become PAL Canada’s OneFiveZero Artist of The Year, or PAL Canada’s Honourary Donor of The Year, or do both, and become PAL Canada’s “T.P.T.Y.” (Top Pal of The Year).

Winner of the 2016 Canadian Screen Award for its Humanitarian work, PAL Canada Foundation works to alleviate the consequences of poverty, isolation and housing challenges among senior and disadvantaged members of Canada’s professional artists’ community.

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