Canada Commits $30 Million to Strengthen Democracy Globally, Trudeau Affirms at Summit for Democracy

Screenshot of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau delivering his message via video at the Summit for Democracy hosted by the Republic of Korea (source: YouTube / CPAC)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reaffirmed Canada’s steadfast dedication to protecting and advancing democratic principles both at home and abroad during the Summit for Democracy hosted by the Republic of Korea.

In his address at the summit, themed “Democracy for Future Generations,” Trudeau highlighted the critical need for collaborative action in the face of increasing global threats to democratic processes. He emphasized Canada’s commitment to safeguarding democratic institutions, noting the nation’s participation in initiatives aimed at countering foreign interference, defending human rights, promoting inclusion, and strengthening resilient democratic systems.

Trudeau announced a substantial financial commitment of over $30 million towards new projects geared towards bolstering democracy. This funding includes $22.3 million allocated for defending human rights and promoting inclusion, $5.6 million for enhancing the resilience of democratic institutions, and $2.5 million designated to counter foreign interference.

During a virtual plenary session focused on technology, elections, misinformation, and disinformation, Trudeau underscored Canada’s efforts to safeguard information integrity online. He highlighted initiatives such as the Global Declaration on Information Integrity Online, aimed at fostering trust, transparency, and integrity in the digital sphere.

The Prime Minister also stressed the importance of open government in building and maintaining public trust in democratic institutions. He announced the forthcoming launch of a Trust and Transparency Strategy designed to promote transparency, accountability, and open participation within the federal public service.

Canada’s commitment to democracy was further demonstrated through its active engagement in the summit’s discussions, which revolved around themes including Inclusive Society and Youth Empowerment, Technology, Elections, Misinformation, and Disinformation, and Governance Partnership with the Global South.

Trudeau reiterated Canada’s unwavering dedication to democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, asserting that these fundamental principles require continuous effort and collaboration among nations. He highlighted Canada’s ongoing commitment to the objectives outlined in its 35 commitments presented at the inaugural Summit for Democracy in 2021.

In summary, Trudeau’s address at the Summit for Democracy underscores Canada’s proactive stance in addressing contemporary threats to democracy and its active role in international efforts to safeguard democratic values and institutions.

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