Canadian Orthodontic Partners appoints George Jeffrey as CEO

George Jeffrey, newly appointed CEO of Canadian Orthodontic Partners, owners of the docbraces clinics network, joins members of his Comox and Campbell River clinics, in Comox BC, this fall, as part of his introductory tour.

Toronto ON – Canadian Orthodontic Partners (COP), Canada’s leading orthodontics provider and the company behind the growing docbraces clinics network, announces today the arrival of George Jeffrey as its new CEO and the formation of its Doctor Advisory Council (DAC). In post since September, Mr. Jeffrey joins Dr. Robert Hatheway, Chief Clinical Officer at COP and at Docbraces-Hatheway in New Brunswick as co-chair of the council.

“George is a gifted leader with a remarkable track record who has thoroughly impressed us since day one,” says Brian Chambers, COP Board Chair “It’s no overstatement to say he’s given us reason for great big smiles since joining our passionate and talented team. We’re delighted to have him on board and act as a founding co-chair of our Doctor Advisory Council.”

Experienced in scaling up businesses and fostering strong cultures of performance, purpose and team spirit, George recently helped launch Laser Clinics Canada, part of the world’s largest network of advanced medical aesthetic clinics. Before that he was Senior Vice President at McKesson Canada where he oversaw the growth and development of a network of more than 2,600 pharmacies – a $3.8+ billion business unit. Prior to entering the healthcare sector, he played similar roles at leading international brands in retail foodservice and food processing industries.

“I could not be happier,” says Jeffrey. “I have always focused on delivering smiles inside and outside of the organizations for which I’ve worked. The only difference is that now it’s official – I’m joining a team that builds self-esteem, one beautiful smile at a time. I’m wholly aligned with our purpose, values, and our mission and see clearly that docbraces is blessed with a strong team of doctors, clinic and administrative teams who share a common passion for the field of orthodontics, service experience and innovation.”

The creation of a Doctor Advisory Council, the brainchild of both Jeffrey and Dr. Hatheway, serves the purpose of reinforcing the company’s mission and its nature as a patient centric, doctor partnered operating network. Specifically, the DAC will ensure the highest standards of orthodontic excellence, firmly rooted in the company’s core values of trust, learning, confidence, and community. To be comprised of the two co-chairs and 10 members representing the leading doctors who operate local docbraces clinics, the DAC will provide advice, perspective and feedback to COP management and share best practices on the industry at large. It will include members from Canada and the United States.

“With the arrival of George and our first slate of DAC members, which will be announced soon, we can be sure our team and brands will continue to be supported by experts on the ground in both the U.S. and Canada,” says Dr. Hatheway. “When I look around myself and our network, I see rich, deep experience, and a contagious energy that bodes well for our company as we create the brightest possible future for orthodontic clinics in North America.”

Founded January 2016, COP operates a network of 71 COP and docbraces clinics. Driven by its purpose of building self-esteem, one beautiful smile at a time, the company has become the leading orthodontics provider in Canada and the second largest in North America. The company is currently working on expansion plans which will include both organic growth and possible acquisitions.

To learn more about George Jeffrey, Dr. Robert Hatheway or the members of the Doctors Advisory Council at COP, visit

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