China Finds New “Marco Polo’s” to Tell Its Story

China Finds New "Marco Polo's" to Tell Its Story (PRNewsfoto/iaminchina)

CHENGDU, ChinaAug. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — It’s been almost a millennium since Marco Polo’s epic journey to China, which marks the very first voyage of Chinese treasures and spirits abroad led by a person from the West. Now that the old eastern kingdom has regrown into a vibrant modern country, along with its awakening in the economic and political arena, its desire to be better understood internationally is stronger.

A program called “I’m in China” has recently taken place, which is an unprecedented approach to delivering the Chinese stories. It invites people from outside of China to experience unique jobs and participate in activities that one can find only in China.

A competition named Global Recruitment kicked off on 31st July to select who gets to be the new “Marco Polo“. More than ten thousand photos and articles were submitted by over six thousand applicants worldwide, which has earned tremendous web views, likes and shares.

Pinar, a journalism student from Turkey, is among the enthusiastic applicants. “Imagining myself not only being able to travel around China, but also learn to be a Chinese through vocational training experience, as well as a TV presenter, I couldn’t wait to sign up.”

Ko Hawhun from South Korea, after a day job as a rainforest ranger in Sanya, China’s southernmost city, says the experience enriched his knowledge in botany, more importantly helping him understand the effort that the local government and staff has to put into forest protection.

Like many young Chinese who study abroad, Pinar and Ko Hawhun represent the new generation who are interested in China  they can become the new “Marco Polo“s. Since China’s Open Policy started nearly 40 years ago, the link between China and the rest of the world has been strengthened. “I’m in China” program is yet another creative effort to show the nation’s good will.

The documented weekly series of the program “My Chinese Working Day” premiers on Mango TV, and posts on major social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For those who did not get in for the first season, the Global Recruitment will re-open for entries at the end of October. Stay tuned for more details on social media.

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