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‘Direct-to-Consumer’ Service for Canadian Craft Producers and Unlisted Imported Alcohol Products

Drinky.ca is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative online portal, introducing Canadians to unique beverages from the comfort of their homes. A new way to explore the world of artisan, boutique and craft alcohol, Drinky.ca offers a resounding ‘Yes’ to questions like:

  • Can alcohol be legally purchased directly from Ontario producers?
  • Can imported products be bought from agents, even if those products aren’t listed with the LCBO?
  • And – most importantly – can cellars stay stocked when the LCBO goes on strike?

Drinky.ca gives consumers an opportunity to discover new and unique alcoholic beverages in Ontario and will revolutionize the way customers and licensees find and purchase products.

“We’ve met many people that are keen entrepreneurs like us and who would like to get more visibility for their beverages.  However, shelf space with government stores is hard to get and expensive to maintain,” said Bill Wittur, ‘Chief Sipster’ of Drinky.ca

“Drinky.ca addresses questions like:  ‘How come this wine I found in Italy isn’t available here?’ or ‘I was visiting a town nearby, and discovered this incredible beer. Why can’t I buy it?'”

The site is a ‘self-serve’ platform: suppliers set up profiles and product pages, all of which can be browsed, reviewed and shared by enthusiasts seeking something new.

To be consistent with regulations, orders are directed to suppliers who then take care of fulfillment, including payments, delivery and ID check.

“Right now, there are nearly 1,000 products to choose from, but we’d like to showcase more products, especially local craft beverages,” said Wittur.

“Of course, we’re happy to help any other local suppliers or agents that want to join the site. They get a full year free access when they sign up before July 1.”

Given the range of products available, the site is ready for a possible strike at the LCBO.  “While we hope there’s a quick and fair resolution to the issues at hand, suppliers and agents are prepared for what might happen if there’s a prolonged walkout,” Wittur suggests.

“As a new venture working in the alcohol trade, we’re excited about showcasing what people have been missing.”

The owners of Drinky.ca are seeking suppliers, agents, investors and partners.  Please contact Bill Wittur for more information.

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