More Library Branches to Open On Sundays This Summer

Inside the Toronto public library

Increased Access is part of the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy

Toronto Public Library (TPL) is pleased to announce that as part of the City of Toronto’s Poverty Reduction Strategy, six more library branches will open on Sundays year-round:

Previously, these large district branches were only open on Sundays during the school year. Sunday, July 2 is the first day of the year-round Sunday hours.

“We are choosing to invest in people by bringing library access into neighbourhoods which need it most. By expanding library hours, families with children have a place to visit and learn on the weekends, students who attend school year round will have a place to study and do research, and entrepreneurs and small business owners will have a work space,” said Mayor John Tory. “This program, along with several other measures in the Poverty Reduction Strategy, will make a difference in people’s lives, provide opportunity, and make our city a fairer and more inclusive place to live.”

Expanding Sunday service supports the objectives of the City’s Poverty Reduction Strategy by giving people access to safe space, technology, information and resources. Year-round Sunday service responds to the needs of children and families who remain in Toronto during the summer, the increasing number of students who attend school year round, and entrepreneurs and small business owners who need space, wifi and computers.

“We have been steadily increasing Sunday open hours over the past few years, and  community reaction and use has been terrific,” said Vickery Bowles, City Librarian. “Many people like to come in on Sundays to catch up on work or reading, attend a program with their child, or to take advantage of the welcoming public space. We’re looking forward to welcoming more people on Sundays this summer.”

Thirty-three TPL branches are open on Sundays during the school year and 14 are open year-round.

The Poverty Reduction Strategy is known as TO Prosperity. Through this 20-year plan, Toronto is addressing issues, creating solutions and driving systemic change in an effort to create a city where everyone has access to good jobs, adequate income, stable housing, affordable transportation, nutritious food and supportive services. Visit to see how the City is working toward that vision.

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